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Follicular study results


i have been married for 18months now and we are trying for pregnancy from day 1, but no luck till now.
I was treated for an ovarian cyst at an age of 14 and as a result i have only one ovary.
all the tests till now showed everything normal, i.e ultrasound scans, hormone tests, HSG.
This month my doctor said we will try with follicular study.
I was on letoval 2.5mg for 5 days.
the follicular study started on day 10.
the study was repeated everyother day.
yesterday, on day 14, the my doctor said -
the ovary is normal,
follicules look healthy - but have not yet ovulated,
the endometrium lining is just 8mm, which she says is less.
she said she will repeat the study on day 16, and if needed she will induce ovulation with injection.
but if the endometrium lining does not increase, she said the chances for pregnance will be weak this time.
I have a couple of questions -
1) even being on letrozole, i did not ovulate till day 14. is it normal, or an indicative of some problem?
2) is having healthy follicles a good indication that ovulation will occur?
3) what should be the endometrium lining in normal conditions, are there chances for it to improve in my case?

Would be really thankful if some expert or doctor could answer my questions ASAP.
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