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Pregnant Already?
I had intercourse on Dec 10 before ovulation on Dec 12.  On Dec 20, I underwent laparoscopy & hysteroscopy with my OB/GYN to root out endometriosis.  While in there, he zapped a couple of fibroids & detached my left Fallopian tube from my bowel, which was obstructing the tube.    

Hubby has had seminalysis & his swimmers are fine.

One of the side effects from surgery that some women experience was vaginal bleeding.  I spotted a little bit one day and then nothing.  On Christmas Day, I spotted a little bright red blood, which is unusual.  Normally my spotting is brownish.  Now nothing.  I'm about three days late for my period with sensitive boobs and I've had high BBT temps for 16 days.  

It seems too good to be true that I'd be pregnant already.  Does anyone else have experience with this surgery & how it effects their cycle?  I wouldn't be surprised if I had bled immediately after the surgery and then didn't bleed much for my period, but I don't see how the surgery would interfere with my hormones?  Any ideas or opinions?
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