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TTC # 1 after Depo, all input is appreciated!

Hello everyone! I'm Jenn. I need some help so figured i post another question up here again! Im 10 months since my ldpi so far. had 1 injection in march 07 and one in june. shot was due again sept 7 but didnt get it bc me and dh want to ttc #1. Been having regular 27 day cycles since dec. so far had 3 af's. Next af is due next friday march 14. im currently 10 dpo, heres a list of my temps so far, i did miss a couple days though and new to the bbt thing.
bbt thursday feb 28 =cd 13- 96.96
bbt friday feb 29=cd 14- 97.64
bbt sunday march 2=cd 16- 98.0
bbt monday march 3=cd 17-97.78
bbt tuesday march 4=cd 18- 98.07
bbt wednesday march 5=cd 19-96.2
bbt thursday march 6 =cd 20 -97.8
bbt friday march 7= cd 21-98.07
bbt saturday march 8= cd 22-98.22
bbt sunday march 9= cd 23-97.85

my coverline is 97.5 so far.i think, but i had that big bbt drop 6 dpo could that be implantation dip maybe? My bbs feel a lil firmer and sensitive, noticible blue lines, and more bumps on areola,  my nipples hurt so bad i wanted to cry, ive had bad lower back pain for about 4 days now and bad gas(sorry tmi). been feeling little dizzy if i get up too fast and very moody, feel bad very irritable with dh. and ive been having a ton of crampy feelings for about 3 days too.today was like a pinching on my left side when i layed on my stomach. my cervix is still high also and firm. still having lotiony/watery cm.any help?? anyone?? thank you!!!!!!!!
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