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bleeding on day 9 after embryo transfer

hello to everyone

this is my very first time on this site and would really appreciate some help.  

Today is day 9 after my embryo transfer and to my devastation i started bleeding this morning (not spotting but light bleeding which has lasted all day)...i had 2 embryo's transferred on day 5 at blast stage.  Could my bleeding be implantation? or could it be a sign that i have lost one embryo? i hope and pray that this is not the end of the road for me, i am so afraid that i am having my period and that I am not pregnant.....this is my first IVF cycle and have had cramping most of the last nine days, aching legs, sore/tender breasts, headaches and spots appeared on my forehead day 7!

thank you for this site and thank you to all the others who have shared their stories, it has been a great comfort to me being able to read other peoples stories and a huge source of information.
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Hi. I'm sorry I don't have any definite answers for you but i wanted to let you know that I had light brown bleeding a week after my transfer which my RE said was IB. I ended up pregnant with one baby (even after two embryos were transferred) but lost it at 6 weeks (unrelated to the bleeding).  When are you testing?  Good luck to you, hon!
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Hi, and welcome to the forum! The cramping and sore breasts are definitely a good sign. It's hard to say what could be causing the bleeding, but many women have spotting/bleeding in early pregnancy, so it could be perfectly fine. Just make sure you notify your RE so he/she knows.

Best of luck!
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Bleeding could be a sign of implantation.  If I was you I would call me RE asap and let them know what is going on.  Until then you need to stay off your feet until the bleeding slows down.
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Hi Girls and thank you all for your very welcomed comments, I was so excited when I logged on and found I had 3 replies.  I am resting and taking it very easy 2day, my husband is on house duties!  Unfortunately I am still bleeding, it's not heavy...but it is a bright colour and is clotty!! (sorry about the ugly details).  I have left a message in the clinic and am waiting for a nurse to ring me back.  I am living in Ireland and here the procedure is  you do a HPT 18 days after ET and then contact the clinic with your result,  so next wed Feb 25th is my date for doing my HPT.  I am trying so hard to stay positive, I guess I am hoping for the best but at the same time preparing myself for the worst.

take care and best wishes to all, I hope everything is going good for all of you.
kind regards
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Hi all . Im 26 years old and had 2 embies transfered 7 days ago this evening on the 3rd Oct - I felt I was bleeding but it wasnt much to say that it looked like I was going to have my period .I was so Surprised ....I called my Physician and told him about it. But I have my blood test on Tuesday 6 October................the question is could this bleeding mean that Im not pregnant or what is causing this????
I just pray that GOD will help me through this in a positive way.

God willing that it goes well..
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Hi I'm on day 9 of my ET and my breasts are not sore now and the cramping has basically stopped but I've not started bleeding. I do feel really tired though. Is this a bad or good sign.
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Hi, I am on my 10 day of ET.  My ET was done on the 3day. I noticed spotting on my undies on the 9day When I cleaned my self I noticed brown bleeding but light. I wonder so scared is that the end of the road for me. This is my first ivf. I have been trying to having babies for the past 9years.
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Hi girls I could really do with some advice I’m driving myself crazy . I’m on day 8 of 5day blastocyst and had no symptoms u TIL today I woke up with belly cramps and back ache ( normal periods type pains ) the pains have now gone and very light pink blood has started . My test day is on the 1st December (my birthday ) only 2 days but feeling defeated . Don’t know what to feel and think . Normally on first day of period I’m doubled over in pain with cramps and back ache which I had this morning but now has gone . Please help xx
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