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can a zero sperm count be reversed???

My husband was diagnosed with a zero sperm count. We really want a baby. Can this diagnosis be reversed, with meds or something else other than surgery that's not going to take a morgage on our house???
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Yes and no. It all depends on what the cause of the azoospermia. My husband was diagnosed with a zero sperm count about a year ago. This is known as azoospermia. After the first test came back at zero my OB/GYN sent my husband to a urologist. The urologist repeated the test (and did a lot of bloodwork) to make sure that the first one wasn't a fluke. It too, came back zero sperm count. My OB/GYN had sent us to the urologist with the hope that the azoospermia was being caused to due to obstruction. If there is no sperm due to an obstruction which is not letting the sperm get to where it needs to go or killing the sperm (varacocle vein, etc...) then, our OB/GYN said that it often times (not always but often) can be reversed with surgery. I also read something online while I was checking all of this out about retrograde ejaculation, in which case the sperm is being ejaculated into the bladder instead of where it's supposed to go. I'm not sure what is done in that case to fix the problem. In my husband's case the urologist told us that it would be a waste of our time and money to continue to try to have my husband be the biological father of the child. I don't say this to scare or discourage or upset you. I say this to make the case that your husband should really see a urologist to find out what the underlying cause of the azoospermia might be. In my husband's case we found out it was because he is an xxy male (oddly enough his testosterone is normal and he is very masculine so we would never have guessed this, but then hey, that's why we're not doctors :)  ). But, because of this genetic issue he cannot father a child biologically speaking and we are having to try to conceive using a donor (which is something that I litterally ran screaming and crying from when it was first suggested but now I have made peace with). I really don't know about the cost of surgery because obviously we didn't get that far. However, I would definitely check into my husband seeing a urologist (think OB/GYN type of doctor for a male is pretty much what a urologist does for men), and then if surgery is what's recommended then I would call my insurance company and see what they cover. If it's a varococle vein then I do know that their are a few ladies on this site who are dealing with that same issue as well and trying to make the decision to go through surgery or not. I hope this helps. Please don't get discouraged. I know it's tough but it's really better knowing that not knowing. At least that's how I feel. When we found out that my husband had azoospermia I was upset, when we found out it wasn't "fixable" so to speak, I was devestated. When we found out the real cause (the xxy factor) I was still disappointed but at least I could come to terms with it. I hope I've helped. Please let me know if you would like to chat some more about this. Good Luck!
Thanks Nat256. That's my situation too. Was upset earlier. I love my husband and I will stand by him. No need wasting money for surgery. Will likely go for adoption.
This post being from 2009 technology has since advanced dramatically in this area.  My husband has also been diagnosed with  azoospermia with 0 sperm count.  In the past few years ICSI and new freezing techniques mixed with IVF have extremely high success rates for treating this condition.  If this is what is causing your infertility I would definitely talk to your doctor about these options.  Our doctor said that basically if a man has his own testes then there is no reason (not that there isn't an exception somewhere in the world) that he could not father a child if you are willing to put in the work and cost for procedures.  Anyway hope this helps!
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I am sorry to hear that as all to familr with me, My husband was 24 and we had went through my OB and we had did 3-test and he also has 0 sperm count he had went to a urologist who wanted to suck out money from us and they wanted him to have surgery and cut open his sac, which he wasnt having that and they had said even doing that we still would of not been able to. We had went through a fertility doctor and she had suggested Sperm Donor, we talked it over with family and ourselves and realized we wanted a child but only way is to do this, Adoption is way to expensive and not even guarateed, my tests came back good and been going  through fertility for a year now been pregnanct twice as all ended in Miscarriages. Its tough b ut its something you can consider and get comfortable with it as I was really uneasy about it but soon to know that they match ip with blood type and almost the same as your husband, Its tough and my husband is bummed about not been able to conceive to carry on his genes but we had accepted going this route as a way of conceiving. Best of luck to you and you may want to ask if your husband is ok with it as its a couple decision.
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yes i have same issue i have sperm count zero to i have no idea what to doo plsa call me 4435702533 or e- mail ***@**** and live usa pasadena md  if u have any comment call me  thanks
I live near your area and can tell you who my husband saw. PM me if you would like the info. The doctor he saw was in century city and is a infertility urologist.
Best of luck to you
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My son in law had a zero sperm count they did surgery and find live sperm in the tissue with that sperm and ivf my daughter and her husband are the proud parents of 3 month old triplet daughters they are ways don't give up
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I was also diagnosed with a zero sperm count.  urologist wants a biop of my testis to see if there is sperm in there,not ready for that yet but ill try if all else fails.  I have had digestive problems my whole life and have been to several doctors and they never could find out what my problem was,  turns out that I have been allergic to gluten(celiac disease)  turns out that this disease can cause zero sperm count because the disease renders my small intestine useless there for my body has not been absorbing the nutrients to make sperm.  I feel so much better and I am putting on weight my color is better and I look healthy for the first time in my life,  my wife and i will have a baby,  i will let you know if it happens.  
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Hi Dideann, first let say congrats to your daughter triplets, i have read your blog and my eyes filled with tears, tears of joy for your daughter who has now giving me so much hope due to the fact that i am suppose to do the ivr too, in which my Dr. is given me a 40-50% chance and i was so down on hearing that news. I am now 100% positive that my ivr is going to be ok GOD'S willing.........Thanks much.....can't wait to hear from you.
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Call me please 347-634-2908
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My husband was also diagnosed with zero sperm count twice and we were completely shocked and devastated. He was examined by a urologist first and then our RE had him do a blood test to see if he was a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis, since he suspected that there were in fact sperm in there, but that perhaps he was missing part of his vas deferens which was blocking the sperm from ejaculating (apparently, men who are carriers for CF often have this condition). It turned out that he was right...my husband was in fact a carrier. So the RE went in and did a simple extraction (it was surgery, but it only took about five minutes) and found millions and millions of them trapped in there. We did one round of IVF in July and were successful. Hope this example is helpful to others...with a good, thoughtful RE, sometimes it can be something pretty easily addressed like it was for us. Good luck!
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Hi dabrowne do not give up! There is hope. my beautiful granddaughters are 20 months old now and thriving. i am so glad my daughter didnt give up when they were told her husband had a 0 sperm count not once but three times they were tested. Please keep me updated on your story!
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My husband had 2 SA and both came back with zero sperm. My tests came back all normal. They think it might be a genetic factor and have asked my husband to get a y chromosome multi deletion test. They also want my husband to get a scrotam ultrasound to see if there Is a possibility that there may be some sperm. Is it possible to still have sperm and conceive with a genetic factor like this one. Also will it ever be possible for my husband to produce soerm
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i took a test yesterday and they found out that i have 1 percent of sperm is alive.. do you think that i can increase my sperm count? please help for suggestion. thanks
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My husband and I had 2 back to back pregnancies in 2009, the last one resulted in my daughter being born in April of 2010.  We have been ttc for a year w/o any success, and were recently told that my husband had a zero sperm count (after 2 semen analysis).  The only thing that has changed since we last tried to conceive, was that my husband had 2 lumbar fusions (back surgeries) in 2010.  We went to the urologist and had some blood work done which showed all normal levels (including the genetic tests) except his FSH was 25.1.  The urologist has no explanation for the zero sperm count and doesn't want to correlate it to any problems with the back surgeries.  The doctors have suggested a biopsy for my husband to see if they can find any sperm for IVF.  But, we feel like he should have some more testing done first.  Has anyone had a similar situation?  what tests were run before the biopsy? has anyone had such a high FSH level and been able to find sperm for IVF?

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Hi, i read ur comments. thank u. i am stalu i am diagonized as azoospermia. can't produce any sperm.  Doctors can't find out exactly whats the problem. Even i am having digestion problem but i dint see any doctor for this reason.   i wants to know whethere is there any relation between digestion problem and the zero sperm count?

can u give more details on ur case? and pls sugest me what i can do?
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hello everyone, i have also the same problem about this zero sperm count. my husband is very upset about it. I'm trying to convince him to go to a urologist but it seems his not interested. actually he is afraid if doctor will tell him that we have no chances to bear a child. any advise on how to talk to him about this issue? thanks
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assalamu alykum aap ka post mein ne padha mujhy bohat acha laga....yaar mera count sperm zero hai soo esss ka koi ellaaag hai please bata de jeye ga mere email adress hai.... ***@****
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Hi baby yina, any answers yet? Cornell University did a study on Zero Count sperm..we are going throug this right now..If you google it you will find it informing and helpful. Also taht your husband will probably feel better about going to the Urologist. We are going Thursday. Let me know if you have any other questions, this is new to us too
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assalamu alykum aap ka post mein ne padha mujhy bohat acha laga....yaar mera count sperm zero hai soo esss ka koi ellaaag hai please bata de jeye ga mere email adress hai ifti_fida***@****
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Hi,Hope you have have had your baby by now. What were your Coeliac disease symptoms. You said you have started putting on weight. Were you underweight before? I have been average weight throught out my life. But like you had digestive issues, which have been diagnosed as IBS (Irratable Bowel). I have recently been tested for Azoospermia and found no sperm in my ejaculate. Reading your post, I wonder if I too have Coeliac. So by going Gluten Freen, have you managed to produce sperm? If so, how long did it take and do you mind me asking at what age? Many thanks!
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can you help for nil sperm treatment. pls help me. my email id is naresh.***@****
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Hello, My husband was diagnosed with non-obstructie azospermia- and had PESA which revelaed no sperm. Is there any thing you could suggest??? (as you have said that you have treated men with 100% success)

Thanks. My email is ***@****
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Contact DR Mohammed Shahbaz 00923007941672 or email him on ***@**** he should b able to help u.

u will need your  testical ulterasound report then he will tell u wheater is infection. blockage, testical faliure.

all the best
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my husband also zero sperm count we want to have a baby... is that possible or fixable?
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Hi Palushi

   my sperm count is nill and i want to baby so plz tell it is possible
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My advise to everyone is never give up !  I was told by my family doctor I would never father a child  because of the absence of the vas deferens..(zero sperm count).... Go see a fertility expert and don't listen to a lot of the negative forum posts...Try to stay positive !  I was heart broken when my doc told me to I'd never be a biological father and yet I sit here typing this post with a wife expected to give birth any day now !   Yes it's was expensive but who cares !!   Take out a loan...borrow....sell your car!  It will be worth it...But the main advise I can give is please STAY POSITIVE !  I worried myself sick for months and months, for what ??  Science has come so far these days that the likely hood out not being able to father a child is EXTREMELY RARE...
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Dear Kenny
Hi and thanks for your super positive text.
Sorry If I am not familair with all abbreviations related to infertility.
In the last 40 days we go through our first Sperm test. it was counted 100.000 with a low mobility.
then again we had in 3 weeks the second test in another clinic  and this time it was Azoospermia. we have to make another test this Monday.
also today they did not find any sperm on my Postcoital Test.
in all procedure the Doctor was really surprised about the smaller size of testicles comparing it to my husband's tall heigh.
I would like to know if there is any hope there waiting for us?
and if you don't mind may I know which Treatment you go for that you mentioned it was expensive?
many many thanks
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My husband had same problem bout going to one, but I talked to him about if he really wants this he needs to get checked all they r gonna try to do is help, yeah  its devastating but its just the wait, that's wat we r doing is going to the urologist to find out Wats going on.
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which treatment you have done plxxx tell me i am really upset...
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to nadeem and all people across world,

in april i had zero sperm count. they did all the analysis and  said that it was due to a blockage. doctors said that they need to operate on me. but i did the following things. stopped hot water bathing, quit smoking, stopped taking risperidone tablets and eat fresh fruits and vegetables and 4 glasses of milk a day. yesterday my wife was diagnosed as being pregnant. believe me, this is true.also pray to ur lord and if he is willing, nobody can  stop you from being a father.
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My husband of 9yrs found out last yr that he has no sperm count. His "T" levals were way below norm, so dr put him on clomed to help with both. His "T" leval went up, but very slowly!!! Now on the very low part of norm, but still no sperm count. Since then he is still on clomed & has seen a urologist the has some training in fertility. We were told that there is a shot that has hormones that can sometime restart the testicals (sperm), & he was 1 of the dr that did that. Were went to him a couple weeks ago & that dr told us my hubby has got NOTHING (bluntly)! He said he was not even close to being a person he wld recommend for that. He told us my hubby wld need to come back for a ultrasound to check for blockage (cyst) that cld b blocking the sperm. We did that & it was 100% norm. That dr told us he wants us to go to a fertlity dr (which has can't get us in b4 dec...3months out). The dr that did the ultrasound told us we shld consider adoption or sargent. I have so many def thoughts going they my head it's crazy! My inlaws have nvr talked to my hubby about possibly having something wrong. With that said we are very private people! No1 in our families know anything about this, other then some questions we needed to get answered for family history from his mom & dad. But they are very limited to what we tell them, due to some family disagreement & judgment. So here is a list of things we know from his family...

On his moms side...

She was born with HR factor blood. The yr she was born was the 1st yr they came out with the vaccine for this. From my understanding...it's where (if she can get prego) the babies blood & her blood attack each other & so she had to get shots during her pregnancies. Norm. They give small amounts militants times throught the 9months, but in this case she was given 2 very large amounts during the 9months...what my hubby has said is that in doing so, it can have lasting affects on the baby...such as infertlity.

Some of my hubby's cousins have had muiltable miscarriages & yet had babies....these having RH factor.

His mom & sisters have a blood clot disorder & each have has muiltable surgeries for this prob on the legs.

His moms family (bros & sis's) are tall people. Womens 6foot & guys 6.5-6.6foot...14 kids in total

Weight problems...but very active people!

My hubby's dad's side...

He also has blood clot problems (nt the same as mother)

Very low sperm count when they were trying for kids...took 5yrs for 1st child

He has 2 bros & 1 sis...

Hubby's uncle (dads bro) was nt able to have kids (nt 100% sure that was him or his wife), but they had to adopt

Hubby's cousin on dad's side had problems getting prego with 1st child (nt sure the details there)

Bottom line...dr says it cld just be the end of this family tree
We have been married 9yrs together 12yrs & stopped using birthcontrol 6months into marrage...we r both 29

Iv always considered adoption, but my hubby has nvr wanted that! He always wanted his own child. He is the last to carry the name!
But it seems we mayn't have to many options at this point. It's completely deferent when it's nt just that "an option" to adoption & rather feeling pushed into it. Now, I'm feeling like I'll be missing out on the 9months of carring my hubby's baby & feeling all the natural emotion that goes into that. And hearing so many stories of adoption & yet the birth mothers still has rights to take the child back X amount of days/months/years after you get the baby, is something I truly don't think I cld handle! My hubby has mentioned sperm donation...that thought ran thru me like fingurnails on a chalkboard!! I felt sick to my stomach when he said that! I know it kills him to even go there!! After thinking more about it, I still NO WAY cld ever "meet up with" another guy to carry his baby!!! But, I did take a minute to look it up...my stomach turns at the look of some of the guys...nothing against guys!!! It really is no def the a women donating her egg...but the thought that some guys get turned on by "planting their seed" turns my insides out! Yet I know their r truly guys out there that just want to help people such as us, & I'm sooo greatful for that! I guess I'm just so messed up & feeling the "time crunch", yet "inpatient", "let down" etc all at the same time. On the subject of sperm donation (being placed in me by a dr)...I cnt help but wonder if this is asking for marrage trouble down the road? Idk maybe always knowing the baby is nt my hubby's baby & this eating away at him? Yes, even if a dr did it. As iv said we do nt talk to family about this...maybe a couple close friends...so, idk if it wld b possible or asking to much (if we did sperm donation) to nt ever let anyone know that it wasn't my hubby's...if my hubby is the 1 that brought the subject up, does that mean it's ok & he is ok with it even in the long run?

I must repeat we still have not gone to a fertility specialist yet...we have an appt for dec 3month out...but we have had 2 dr already tell us we shld consider adoption...1 being a urologist with some fertility training.

This is my 1st time posting & using something like this, so I hope I did it right :)

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Sry for the spelling...doing it on my phone & it kept deleting it, so I just posted it:)
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hi i am bhavesh my sperm count is nill and i want to baby so plz tell it is possible, pliz give me help
  email  :  ***@****
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Hi 1st time poster on here. What brought me here was searching about zero sperm count. I've been with my wife for 3yrs and married for 1. I'm turning 32 in 4 months. We've been trying to have a baby with no success. We went to her obgyn who wanted to do some tests. He had her come in today 4hrs after we had sex to run the tests. He said he found 0 sperm count. When she came back to me with the news I've been devastated. I've apologized to her because I just feel horrible and don't know why this is. He wants further testing to be done. While both of us doing research I couldn't help but think will she even want to remain married to me. I know how much both of us want a baby and she's really been pushing for us to have 1 soon. She has a 13 yr old son from a previous relationship who I've taken on the role as dad to. I couldn't help but ask her if it turns out I can't give us children where does our relationship stand? She was reluctant and eventually told me she doesn't know how to answer that. I asked her if there is a chance of us getting a divorce. She said there's always a chance in any marriage of a divorce. Now we've had our ups and down and some 1st yr struggles including with passion. Our schedules are conflicting and and we have alot of otger stresses at the moment. So us having passionate sex isn't always in the cards. Throughout all this though, she hashad a positive outlook on our relationship and always said we can het through it all. Now it seems her outlook has changed. As if the original news wasn't bad enough, I just feel crushed. She told me why did I ask her if I didn't want the answer. I did want it, I just didn't expect that. She said well if we can't have children she doesn't know if this is going to get any better. Also stating that we have gone through all the tests and options though so let's see what happens. My question is,is it normal for the woman to feel this way on her end of this issue? Also, I feel conflicted because if she can't stay with me regardless, what kind of person am I with? Am I wrong for thinking that? I've taken on the role of father to her son and when we thought we weren't getting pregnant because of her, leaving her because of it wasn't a thoughy that even crossed mind. This has been 1 of the worst days of my life and I can't even turn to her about it right now. Any answers or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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What is a RE? And what doctor did you go too please send me info my number is 8322667588
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My son in law has been tested and found he has zero sperm, but, he had testicular cancer about six years ago, he had one removed and also lymp glads removed in his belly, the doctor is sending him to a fertility specialist at U of M and see if he has a blockage, my daughters also found out she's ok and ovulating, I hope and pray they will be able to have a baby of their own, not only is this devistaing for them it hit the couples parents as well. Plfor the pray for them
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yes it can definitely be reversed
first of all u must get a colour doppler ultra sound test of the scotrum to see whether theres any blockage, vericocele etc.
if everythings ok with that part.
there are some breathing exercise which increases d blood flow to d sexual organs.
i was diagnosed with 0 sperm count a month back. within a month with d help of the exercises, the count was increased to 10M after washing with a motility of 70% and progressive rate of around 2.
Can you please let me know what is it that you done, as my partner and I have just had a cancelled IUI appointment today and are very disheartened to say the least
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What breathing exercises did you do?
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mera name dass bhai he  aap ka post mein ne padha mujhy bohat acha laga....yaar mera count sperm zero hai soo esss ka koi ellaaag hai please bata de jeye ga mere email adress hai...pliz  email; ***@****
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I just got news I had zero sperm I just feel hopless and I just asked my girlfriend to marry me is this something that can be fixed or is it where it stands I feel like this situation can effect my relationship please help
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My partner and I are both 29 years old and have been  TTC for one year actively. I already have 1 child who is not my partners. Today we had an appointment with ob/gyn for the results of my partners sperm count, which we have been advised has come back zero. we are feeling disheartened to say the least but trying to stay positive. We have been given a referral to an infertility centre, where my partner will have his sperm injected out of his testicles via needle and tested to see if there are any there at all. If they find any healthy sperm, we will then be given the option for ICSI where the sperm are injected directly into the egg or IVF where they will take an egg and insert the sperm and then insert the egg back into me (which will cost anywhere between 3-4 thousand AU dollars). If there are no healthy sperm at all, we will then just have to face the fact we wont be able to ever have a baby together.  He will also be getting checked for any obstructions at this appointment. Any advise right now would be very much appreciated. Ive just read some of the other comments on here and some wonderful happy endings (excuse the pun) here is hoping for the same outcome for us.

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My partner and I just got the same news today. We have been friends since high school, together for 5 years and I also have a 9 year old son in whom my partner has also taken on as his own  from a previous relationship. We have been actively trying for 1 year now. We are also newly engaged. We are both saddened. I think its normal to be disheartened at first but I certainly wont be leaving my partner over it. Hopefully its just a over reaction? Anyway there is definatley still hope. There are some extra tests that can be done on your end before conceiving is completely ruled out.
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Your story just sounds so similar to ours. We have had 3 miscarriages and are so lucky to have had a beautiful healthy son born in 2012. My husband has had numerous blood tests & all have shown high fsh levels. He has had numerous sperm counts. One back in late 2014 showed a low sperm count & the most recent tests there has been zero. We are interested in getting the sperm retrieval procedure. What is the outcome of your story!?
I married  last 2 year completed but no one any  baby. My husbond sperm in now zero. 3 testing but not increase sperm count so plz give best advise
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My husband was diagnosed with azoospermia 16 years ago. Went through testing and found that his hormone levels were low - found this out through an MRI on his pituitary.  He also had a biopsy on his testicles, poor guy. Doctors not sure exactly why this was the case for him, but he was not producing sperm at all.  He had 4 brothers all with numerous children. Anyway - he went to an endocrinologist who helped us so much.  My husband started taking Clomid - normally given to women for fertility problems.  He took it orally every day from January to June.   He went back to get tested periodically for sperm and hormone levels. Finally in June - the day  before our 5th anniversary we got good news-he had some sperm but not that much - but enough for us to do ICSI.  I immediately went to fertility clinic to get started on harvesting eggs and all of that.  We were successful on our first attempt at in vitro with ICSI in October and I had boy/girl twins that June.  They just turned 15 and every day we know and blessed and lucky we are!  I think about our endocrinologist and how much he helped us quite often.  my husband stopped taking the medicine once I was six months pregnant. After the delivery of our twins he went back to get tested - he was back to zero sperm. So thankful it worked for us.  
Your story is amazing ! Going through a similar situation and it's so nice to hear that there are positive outcomes. Thanks so much for sharing

I am really happy for u both.Which fertility hospital did u both go? As i went to st judes hospital wolverhampton and had 2 icsi cycles but both have failed
I am so sorry that your ICSI cycles have failed.  I live in the San Francisco Bay Area - and went to the Reproductive Science Center in San Ramon. Prayers for you and your husband.  
Jeannie0606 Thank you so much for sharing your story! I am currently going through the same thing as your husband. I had a biopsy done last month which came back with zero sperm and currently on Clomid until June. My second biopsy is scheduled for the first week of July. I pray to God they will find enough sperm for us to go through ICSI.  
Hey this story is so similar to our story. what Urology did you all us and what doctor did you all use that put your husband on Clomid please help you can email me at ***@**** thanks hope to hear from you soon
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OK....I know this may sound crazy. My hubbs has a very low cound (3) the specialist told him to take folic acid (one pill once a day) it went from 3 to 9 in just 2mnths. Best of luck!
Helo plz help me that my hub had a problen of nil sper count non motile sluggish motile is nill and azospermetia is there any perfect cure to improve my hub sperm counte actually my mrg over past 5 years we used many medicines BT no use plz help me to get pregnant faster
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So I guess none of us are having kids. This is really sad to hear!!!
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