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ovulation question

Hello All,

I am looking for advice. I have been using FF for five months and it has been accurate with predicting my periods. I ovulate CD 13 or CD 12; this month it was on CD12.

I received a Positive OPK the same day as ovulation (CD 12) and a negative OPK on CD 13 (day of intercourse and after my OPK was negative and I could see my temperature had risen). Up to two weeks prior to ovulation I did not have intercourse. My partner and I did have intercourse the day after I ovulated.

My BBT has not deep for 19 days and my period is 5 days late. I have had backache and breast pain for over two weeks. I have taken two pregnancy test and both have been negative.

I am experiencing a weight of stress and think its wants causing the delay in period flow. Is it possible I conceived the day after my chart reads I ovulated
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