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Adhesions/Scarring 5th csection?

5th c-section dangerous scarring from 4th?
i just found out i am pregnant again, i had a baby in feb. (yes of this year) I am 38 and was told NOT to have another child (this will be my fifth) because everyone of my sections has been a planned section and this last one they took extra time due to scar tissue/adhesions. my perinatologist who i was seen as my primary through my whole pregnancy was the one who said no more, he said it was the top 10 worst scarring he had seen. I was breastfeeding full time and am 100% pro life, i did not think i could even GET pregnant again given bfeeding/scarring... so, as naive as it sounds neither of us thought I could. I am really having a hard time accepting the possibility that i might have to terminate. I no longer see the perinatologist but i am waiting for a call back from the dr.'s office and hopefully they will give me my medical records and should probably get a second opinion is what i am thinking. I know the scarring was bad it took a lot longer this last time. The dr. looked scared at one point during the section and told me he had trouble and advised not to have more... but here i am pregnant again. Obviously having another baby at my age, with one that was just born 5 months ago is already scary but i am wondering what my options are- do i just keep looking for a dr that will support me or do i consider the risks to my health?
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Well, congratulations, I guess.  One very important consideration is the children who are already here--if the doctor thinks that the surgery would be life-threatening, you are going to have to consider their wellfare.
Now, having said that, I would think that there must be some way to get you and the baby through this surgery.  If you were my patient, I would talk about several options.  The first thing, is that you may miscarry naturally.  At age 38, you have a higher risk of miscarriage.  The second is, if you had an amniocentesis or a CVS procedure, and knew that the baby was NOT normal, would that change your feelings?  Then, finally, presuming that you make it through the pregnancy and both you and baby are ready for delivery, I would have had you set up autologous blood, and I would have a gyn/oncologist assist me with your surgery.(They are expert surgeons--the best around).  I would tell you that there is a pretty high likelihood that you would need a hysterectomy at your c-section.  And I would really encourage you to consider a tubal ligation if you did not lose your uterus through hysterectomy.
I hope this is helpful to you!
Good luck!
Dr B
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