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Back cramps? Pregnancy or chemical pregnancy

Last month I had the most exciting news a TTC couple could get. We were pregnant! It was my first pregnancy and I was so excited I waited an entire 2 days to tell my family...too soon, I know. Anyhow, as the familiar story goes I started spotting and finally had my period the next day (3 days after AF was due). I had amped up PMS before and during AF. But the most irritating was the normal lower back cramps I get. They are always there a week before my period and peak a day after the period starts. Like a built in radar. I was so sure I was going to get my AF when I took the pregnancy test and was so happy to be proven wrong...and then AF came. So here's the thing. AF is due in 3 days. I have amped up PMS again, crazy weepiness, hurts to touch tenderness in breast, blue veins on breasts, yet much milder, but present still, LOWER BACK CRAMPS. I read that it's common to have cramps and back pain
in early pregnancy...but is it common to have back CRAMPS in early pregnancy? Or is that my bodys natural way of pushing out another bad egg? I am new to the ehealth community...and I would really like some input or perspective...I'm just another TTC person trying not to go crazy. Thanks!

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Sorry for your loss--you had what is known as a chemical pregnancy.  Years ago you would never have known you were pregnant.  The GOOD news is--you can get pregnant!
If it can happen once, it can happen again! Early pregnancy is characterized by a whole bunch of crazy symptoms or even no symptoms.  Clear Blue First Response Preg tests can turn positive as early as 4 days before the period is due.  Find out whether you are or not!
Good luck!
Dr B
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