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Can I get pregnant with fibroids?

My husband and i have one child in 1989. I had termination of pregnancy 2 years later as forced by my husband.
To my knowledge I never got a post abortion infection or complication Ever since after that we have been trying to get pregnant since 1992. I have had a very stressful unhappy marriage,stressful job,. Poor nutrition, not drinking enough water, on anti depressant medications.Very Irregular periods, thick dark blood, along with clots during my periods.
I was diagnosed with 4 fibroids in 2002, via laporoscopy, my tubes were clear.
I since then divorced,have a new partner this year 2010.
Jan 2010 , I did changed my whole lifestyle, I now eat organic, low stress level,taking herbal supplements and vitamins. Balance my hormones by herbal supplements, exercising, drinking plenty of water, my periods are finally perfect and regular at 28-29 days,no more clots, nice red blood, I check my BBT which  shows,  I am ovulating on day 12-14 of my cycle. pelvic u/s shoes fibroid decrease to 5.0 round,in post myometrium.No fibroids in the cavity uterus is not distorted, but enlarged at 12X5.8X4.7 endometrial is not thickened. 3 pedunclated fibroids in the outer fundus sizes ranges from3.2 cm to 2.9 cm. The doctor said there should be no reason why I should not get pregnant.Since that time I have had no sex,but ready  TTC.I was considering a myomectomy only because of the pain I feel from the posterior fibroid. If I get pregnant I may have alot of pain. Could it be my unhealthy lifestyle that prevented conception or the fibroid. Do you recommend surgery? Can I get pregnant with these fibroids?
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If you were under stress that was severe enough to cause your periods to be irregular, I would not be surprised if that was also enough to prevent conception.  Now that your periods are regular, there would seem to be a much higher chance.
If you were my patient, I would advise against surgery in your circumstance as it might cause scar tissue or "adhesions" that could actually prevent pregnancy.
Since the fibroids are all on the "outside" of your uterus, they should not interfere with conception.  In my experience the small fibroids don't cause a lot of problems during pregnancy, although they can grow and/or degenerate and cause pain.
If you were my patient, I would suggest that you "try" for six months and then let me know if nothing happens.
Good luck!

Dr B
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