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Chances of blighted ovum with IVF?

What are the chances of having a blighted ovum when you do IVF? After getting my BFP after doing IVF after 2.5 years TTC, I am now of course worried about things that could go wrong from here on out. I had kind of figured that a blighted ovum was one of things I don't need to worry about with IVF, but now I know of someone who had one with IVF!
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Unfortunately IVF does not eliminate the possibility of blighted ovum.  We are not completely sure why blighted ovum occurs, but for some reason the male genetic material works fine and does its job of generating the membranes/sac, but the female genetic material doesn't work properly and no embryo ever forms.

I don't think that the chances are INcreased by IVF, but I don't think they are reduced either.

I hope that you don't have to put that on your list of bumps in the road to motherhood!

Congratulations on the positive test!

Dr B
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