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Could 3 days of ganirelix before stim cycle alter response?

My fertility center made a mistake on my calendar and I stopped birth control pills several days early (for the purposes of scheduling retrieval). They had me inject 250mcg Ganirelix for three nights before I started my stimulation cycle with 400iu of Follistim each night for what will be 10 nights tonight, with Ganirelix added in again for the last three nights, and trigger shot tomorrow. More info about me below, but I'm wondering whether there's any chance those three days of Ganirelix at the beginning might affect my response to the Follistim in any way.

My info: This is my first cycle; I'm 41 (close to 42) and before starting had decent FSH levels (6.8 then 8.4, with estradiol <50) and an antral follicle count of 13. The doc measured 10 follicles today but thinks only about 6 might be mature enough for retrieval on Thursday.

Any insight about the Ganirelix would be very welcome. Many thanks!
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If you were my patient, I would probably tell you that your response to the stimulation cycle was pretty good for an "old lady". I feel comfortable teasing anyone who is younger than I am (which is just about everyone now).  Women over 40 just don't very often have the robust response to medications that the younger ones do.  Six mature follicles is nothing to "sneeze at"  Lets hope at least one is genetically normal and goes the distance!
Good luck!
Dr B
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