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Creamy white discharge

I was just wondering, I have been having a creamy white discharge for the past 3 days. I am 9dpo, and I took one of those equate early tests with the blue dye and it was neg. Is the discharge an early sign of pregnancy?
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Pregnancy is definitely associated with increased discharge, usually clear and mucousy in character.  This is due to the increased estrogen levels with pregnancy.  A couple of things, you are probably too early to be exhibiting any pregnacy related symptoms just yet, although the discharge could be a sign that you did ovulate which is a good first step. If there is any odor, irritation or itching associated with the discharge, you  should consider the possibility of a yeast infection.  The over-the-counter medications are fine for treating yeast.  If it is hormone related, it will go away if you have your period, and increase if you are pregnant.  Be sure to test on Cycle Day 28 if you haven't had your period yet.

Good luck!
Dr B
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Some women do get more amounts of discharge because of the change in hormones but its not a definite that it means your pregnant. A few months ago I had a lot more discharge then normal and thought I might be pregnant but I wasnt. If you checked 9dpo, U may want to wait a little longer. Just because you have a negative doesnt mean you arent pregnant. It may be too early. You should know for sure 16-18 DPO. Or take an early test the day ur period is due. Thats What I did and got a BFT. Good luck to you! lots of baby dust your way.
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