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Effect of salpingectomy on menstrual cycle

Hi, I have had a salpingectomy following an ectopic pregnancy. What is the effect on my menstrual cycle? Should I expect any changes? How does a salpingectomy affect ability to conceive?
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The salpingectomy should not affect your periods - the period irregularities you are experiencing are not related. As long as the remaining tube is healthy, your chances of conceiving after the salpingectomy are only slightly diminished. There is about a 15% risk of a repeat ectopic once you have had one ectopic so it is important to get early follow-up once you are pregnant again. However your periods need to normalize and if they do not you may need some fertility medicine to help you ovulate.
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i had an ectopic rupture back in october, and my tube was removed. my dr says i can still concieve with one good tube, but the trouble is that my hormones are completely off now that i only have one side working. i have to take provera to get a period and now am on my second round of clomid to try and get my body to ovulate. the first round didn' t work at all. clomid is supposed to make you ovulate, but i didn't so they doubled my dose and i am on round two. hopefully it works this time.
your cycle might be off from now on, it will take a little work to get back on track. or you could have completely normal cycles. you will have to wait to see. good luck to you.
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I had a Salpingectomy nearly a year ago due to an ectopic, and am now experiencing severe period pain every second month, localised to the side i'm missing the fallopian tube from. Is this normal?
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