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Endometrial Polyp

Hi Doctor,
My ultrasound showed a 1cm X 1cmX 0.4cm POLYP. My dr.' appointment is not until another 3 weeks and I would like to know if this polyp is affecting my infertility. I'm 33 years old and we've been trying to conceive for a year and a half. All our hormone tests came normal. please advice....Thank you
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Most REs recommend removing polyps (usually via D&C hysteroscopy) because they can interfere with implantation of an embryo.  Polyps can also have little areas of abnormal cells, so should be removed for that reason as well.  Often polyps are a sign of excess estrogen, so the fact that you have one makes me wonder whether or not you have PCOS, or perhaps you have been taking fertility medications such as Clomid for awhile.

Certainly, it is a good idea to keep your doctors appointment, and hopefully, they will schedule you for surgery to remove the polyp.

Good luck!
Dr B
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Hi Hope,

I know I'm not a dr. but I did have a polyp as well. I'm not quite sure the size of mine but it was in the middle of my uterus. I did have surgery to remove it. :)   I've been married for 11 yrs and out of 6 of those we tried naturally. We never used protection of any kind but I also wasn't using ovulation kits or tracking my bbt. I just assumed it would happen!   Unforunately it  never did and I realized my periods were getting worse and worse.  Heavy bleeding and the pain UGH!  I would pass out or throw up from  hurting so bad.  I eventually started having alot of irregular bleeding as well. Anyways, I wound up with surgery and they found mild endo, a cyst on my fallopian tube AND the polyp.  It's been 2 months since my surgery and I'm now trying to get pregnant with the help of tracking my bbt and using the ovulation kits! :)   I hope you have the surgery as well. I do think this plays a big factor in not staying pregnant. Getting pregnant is one thing but implantation is another.  I do have regular periods, I've been through lots and lots of blood work, etc. etc.  
I just wanted you to know you're not alone. If you ever needed someone to talk to I'm here. :)  I do hope we both get a positive PG test in the near future! :)  Take Care and good luck with everything! :)
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Thank you so much for your advise. so sweet of you. I'll definately go to my doctor's appointment and remove the polyp. I'm in the 2 weeks wait game right now and will find out weather or not I'm pregnant this month on thursday. Let me know whenever you get your BFP:)
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Thank you! I guess I'll just have to wait and see what my doctor suggests but if I'm not pregnant this month, I would definately want to remove the polyp before trying again.
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