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Gonal f n follicle

hello doctor,
i am 32 years old and i have poly cystic ovaries

i am on gonal f for the last 13 days and i was taking 50 iu per day ...i have multiple follicles in both the ovaries and did u/s 3 times till now my largest follicles are 11 and 10 mm in both ovaries on my 13th day and my doctor increased my dose to 100 iu per day
please tell me if there is any chance i will ovulate this month.

Also last month/cycle i had follicle monitoring and till 25th day of my cycle and  i just had a 10 mm follicle after that i stopped monitoring and i got my period after 53rd day that too after taking progesterone now on 51st day of my cycle i.e two days before my period i had 18 mm cyst on my left ovary.
Can u explain me what is a cyst ?and did i ovulate on my own last month late after 25 days.
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If you were my patient, I would consider some other options for you.  It sounds like you are not responding well to the gonal f.  There are many different treatment options for women with PCOS.  Sometimes the best bet is to seek consultation with one of the major fertility centers in the US such as the Center for Human Reproduction in New York, or many others which may be closer to you.  Ovarian drilling or the old fashioned wedge resection are other options which you may wish to consider.  Have a talk with your doctor if things don't work out with this cycle.
Good luck!
Dr B
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