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thanks for anwering,

HSG test, (comments)

HSG performed with catheter and water-solube iodine containing contrast medium.

there is smooth indentation on the fundus with normal sized uterine cavity, no persistent filling defect is seen in uternie cavity.

right fallopian tube is not visualized with no spill ipsilaterally. however, left fallopian tube is normally opacified with loculated spill on left side.

arcuate uterus with normal sized uterine cavity (notmal variant).
left fallopian tube is patent with loculated spill on left side moth likely due to underlying infective process.
right fallopian tube not visualized (post slapingectomy
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It appears from this report that there is some scar tissue around the left fallopian tube.
This may have resulted from a previous infection or surgery.
The tube itself seems to be normal.
If you were my patient, I would recommend considering diagnostic/operative laparoscopy to remove scar tissue from around the left tube.  This might very well restore fertility since the tube appears normal.  I would also probably use a barrier such as Interceed in hopes of preventing new scar tissue from forming.

One to two months later, I would repeat the HSG to see how things looked.  If there was still no free spill from the left tube, I would proceed to In Vitro.

Hope this helps!
Dr B
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But how are scar tissue formed? Like me, I have never had any infection except for yeast infection. Could that cause scar tissue? I have been trying to conceive for over 7 months with no luck. I did a progesterone test and the results came back normal and I'm scheduled to do a hsg this saturday.
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