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Heavy Bleeding

I'm 21 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS the day before my birthday. My husband and I have been wanting kids for a while. I had my period for about 3 weeks and then it stopped so we had unprotected sex. Now a week later I'm bleeding again and it was just when I wiped. I did feel like I was going to puke but I would just cough and gag. I started peeing like 3 times within 30 min. And just feel horrible to my stomach with a little headache. I've had happen to me before but it was always with a 3 day migraine, and I don't have one. Now my flow is really heavy and I have clots comming out. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else or whats going on with me.
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Dear Kittie Tiger-

Irregular and prolonged bleeding is quite common with PCOS. There are several steps you should take:

1) Contact your doctor
2) Your doctor might want to do a test called an endometrial biopsy to see if there is a cause for the irregular bleeding. Also an ultrasound or a saline ultrasound.
3) If you are not ovulating regularly, which is often the case with your type of story, your doctor may give you a pill to bring on a period
4) If you want to have a baby, and are not ovulating regularly, then you may be helped by a fertility pill to try to help you release an egg

In summary, what you are experiencing is very common. It should be followed up with by your provider. If you are not ovulating regularly, you might want to consider seeing a fertility specialist if you want to have a baby.
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I also have irregular periods and heavy bleeding. what kind of test were done to find out that you had PCOS.? I have had so many test done so i would think by now my dr would know if i had this or not. ?But, i have looked it up and it seems i have close to every thing to look out for with this. .. Thanks
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