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High FSH and IVF

Hello. I am 34 years old and have high FSH (13.1, 12.0, 11.0.....although the month I did IVF it was at a 7.4 on day 3) and severe endometriosis. Just went though an IVF cycle at a top-notch clinic and I am now 5 weeks pregnant! I am preoccupied with the horrible thought that I could miscarry! I'm so worried because I have read that people with high FSH have a greater chance of this happening. We transferred 3 grade A embryos (2 at 8 cell and 1 at 7 cell.) Is there any truth to what I read? I'm scared to death!!

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I think that it means more how many eggs you'll produce with treatment...higher FSH...lower amount of eggs...and you're young too. I think that you're all good:)
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Congratulations on your pregnancy. Don't worry about miscarrying, unless it does happen. Grade A embryos sound really good :-) hopefully with grade A. embryos you don't miscarry. I think with higher FSH there is a chance of miscarriage.
If you start bleeding & it's heavy & continuous, or you have heavy bleeding & a lot of pain. I would talk to your dr. about it.

I'm 26 yrs old, have severe endometriosis. I've had 2 laparoscopies, 1 laparotomy done. So it's done a bit of damage to my ovary(ies). My FSH level I think was about 11.5 (around there). I went though 2 IVF cycles. With my first cycle... I ended up getting 7 embryos, 4 were transferred. Besides the 7 embryos I ended up with multiple chocolate cysts. I ended up miscarrying at around 11 wks.
I'm not sure if my miscarriage was due to my endo & blocked tubes, or my husbands poor sperm count/poor morphology. With the embryos they were really poor quality, poorly developed. My R.E. insisted we use his sperm. My dr. gave me about a 20-25% chance of getting pregnant. We were very surprised & shocked that I did get pregnant. When I miscarried i was saddened by the miscarriage.

With my 2nd cycle, done pretty recently... my medication dosage (follistim), was upped. We wanted to try & get more embryos. I ended up with only 1 embryo, which was no good. The dr. described it as "spontaneous parthenogensis"--- the embryo divided it'self & kept dividing & eventually would die, & multiple endomtetriomas. So I wasn't able to
make it to my transfer.
I'm not sure exactly why I had only 1 embryo with my 2nd cycle. I guess due to my response to higher dose of medication???

For my 2nd cycle we were going to use donor sperm, in hopes of having a successful pregnancy.... BUT... We weren't able to do that, since only 1 embryo.
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