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High Prolactin Levels, Bromocriptine, and a normal menstrual cycle.

Hi, I am 24 years old and have been trying to conceive for about 20 months.  I found out almost 4 weeks ago that my Prolactin level is 25, had an MRI done and started Bromocriptine at that time.  Before all of this I had a menstrual cycle every month pretty regularly but did have horrible cramps and heavy bleeding.  I guess what I'm wondering is since my cycles were pretty normal already will the Bromocriptine be enough to get me pregnant?  I was also wondering about how many weeks of the Bromocriptine will be enough to lower the Prolactin levels enough for conception.  I'm just looking for some hope!  It seems like everyone around me is getting pregnant with no effort, and I think it's my turn! :)
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I am so sympathetic with your plight!  It always seems to me that half my patients are weeping because they are pregnant AGAIN and half because they can't conceive -- its a mystery how this can all be fair!

I think that the Bromocriptine is a reasonable adjunct.  If you were my patient, I would probably repeat a prolactin level after 1-3 months.  Also, I would move forward with some other testing too, since you are right that it seems a tiny bit unlikely that this is the whole problem.  If you have not had an HSG and semen analysis (for him of course) I would definitely do these as well.  The other test I would definitely do is a day 21 progesterone.
And have you monitoring ovulation predictors of course. Depending upon results, I might consider moving on to a trial of Femara or Clomid, and/or IUI next.

Hope this helps!
Dr B
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I hope you become pregant. Well with me i too have a elevated prolactic mine was not a 25 more like 78 yes very high but, in lieu of that i have regular periods every month and ovulate (strange) idk myself my periods aren't even heavy or out of control just a normal 4-5 day cycle.  I never took Bromocriptine my endo doctor just waited to see if my levels would go down and they haven't I've been trying for almost 9yrs to get pregnant and nothing.  I recently had enough and finally went to a fertility doctor i had an HSG done and everythign seems normal tubes were open, cervix was fine all my blood work has been done and now just waiting. I honestly dont' know why i haven't been getting pregant 9 yrs that's a long long time.. now i do already have a 13yr old and have been pregannt twice after that it's very puzzling to me a bit frustrated.  just wanted to share my story with you hope all is well and you get your bundle of joy cause i so want me another..... be blessed and have faith.
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