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Implantation symptoms

I had 4 very healthy embryos implanted about a week ago.  I have had symptoms such as tugging, tender breasts, some bloating, and minor cramps.  It all feels like my period is coming on.  I am using Crinone.  Will go for pregnancy test next week.

Do these sound like good signs that I may be pregnant?  I have heard they can be signs but also can just be a result of the shots, Crinone or my period could be coming.
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Typically the symptoms this early on are produced by the medications that you are taking.
Once the implantation occurs and the hcg is produced, the symptoms may be due to the pregnancy itself.  Typically, the REs want to know what the pregnancy test is just about as soon as it can be meaningfully done (10-14 days after transfer).  There is just no way to know before you know!  It will go by faster than you think!
Good luck!
Dr B
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Hi Doctor Brown!  Thank you so much for your reply.  I kinda figured this is probably just symptoms from the meds.  Its been about 8 days.  I want to do a home pregnancy test.  If it comes back positive, what are the odds that its correct given the meds I am on?  So anxious to know...

Thank you

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I noticed you are the mother of triplets.  Do you mind me asking if they were a result of IVF?  My husband and I are pursuing IVF in large part due to his medical condition.  Highly fertile women seem to run in my family.  My mom had 5 and my 3 sisters and brother all have had children without using any kind of fertility treatment.

With four embryos (3 A- and 1 B+) at 8 cells each do you think its likely that I will have multiples or perhaps one will split?
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