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Infertility help

I'm 27yrs old & my husband is 33yrs old we have been trying to conceive for 4 1/2yrs and had no luck. I was going to the GYN doctor off and on but I couldn't go anymore after I lost my father's coverage when I turned 26. We have no clue why we haven't conceived yet and my husband's job just offered us coverage this month but we are unsure when it will start. We just want to know why we haven't conceived yet. Everytime I've been examined for yearly examines they come back normal so did my blood work (which was done in 2010). I was on my different birth controls before I married my husband and after I got off the depo shot(2004-2005?) I have been suffering from vaginal dryness which makes sexual intercourse stressful. We were using KYjelly but we heard that was harmful to the sperm so we started using preseed along with geritol and prenatal vitamins because they say it will help you ovulate more. At this point I'm passed stressed. and would just like to know what's wrong...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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If you were my patient, I would definitely begin a work up for you.  I would start with some hormone levels such as TSH, FSH, prolactin and progesterone.  I like to draw my initial blood work on about the 21st day of the menstrual cycle (with the first day of the menstrual period equal to cycle day 1)
I would encourage you to get some ovulation predictors (available at most pharmacies) to determine whether you are ovulating consistently.  
I also like to do a semen analysis for the male partner.  You could get a sperm-count test while you are shopping for ovulation predictors!
Finally, if none of the initial workup is diagnostic, I like to do an hsg (dye study which determines whether the fallopian tubes are blocked).
Don't wait any longer--get in to see your doctor!
Good luck!
Dr B
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