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Ivf cost

I am about to do IVF this month. The clinic I am going offers a 32000 dollars package, I have found another clinic for 18000 dollars package, both three fresh and three frozen cycles. Why is that much cost difference? Is it related to facilities of clinics or is there anything else? I am so confused. Is IVF process different in different clinics?
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If you were my patient, I would advise you to check into what is covered by those costs.  IVF is the same procedure--a women goes into "cycle" and her eggs are stimulated to grow by medications (which are very expensive) the eggs are then retrieved in a surgical suite, generally with some form of sedation or anesthesia, and then are fertilized with the partner's sperm in the lab.  The embryos are grown, evaluated and then transferred back into the recipient woman (not always the same as the donor of the eggs).
Some clinics ALWAYS freeze the embryos, some do fresh cycles or frozen cycles.
There is a wide variation in techniques and some clinics probably include the doctor's(eg anesthesia) fees while other's may not.   Medications may or may not be included, etc.
Find out EXACTLY what you are getting for your money--it probably all ends up costing about the same in the end.
Good luck!
Dr B
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Thanks a lot doctor Brown
Actually, I want to use refund program which both clinic includes the same things. My insurance does not cover IVF at all. One clinic that I have no information about it offers 22000 dollars for three fresh and three frozen cycle, and the other one which I have done IUI there offers 32000 dollars. There is a great difference in cost, and the former one does not have enough information about facilities in its website. I just figured out that it mostly focuses on patients under 35 and I am 38; besides there is very few review of its doctors (just 2 reviews)
I need to know if methods and facilities are a lot different between clinics.

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