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No period 3 months after 2nd c-section..?

I am getting a little worried about it. No breastfeeding at all and There is no possible way id be pregnant has been months since i was active!. I have had bleeding alot after the surgery first of course because of it then as soon as that stopd i ended haven surgery to put a stent in my kidney which caused bleeding and when that stopd i had surgery to remove it and a kidney stone which also caused bleeding. however i definatly can not say for sure there was a period mixed in there. i have extrememly painful periods that are unmistakable..

i have been taken birth control for 5 weeks now hopen that would do something but i havent seen anything yet. I am very worried this may be a sign of infertility or something like that..
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It sounds as though you have been under a "little bit" of stress lately!  That certainly could be the reason that you have not had a period.  Also, depending upon the type of birth control you are taking, the birth control could be the cause.  If you are taking a regular pill, you should probably be getting your period soon--when you get to the placebos (sugar pills) of your current pack.  If you are taking the mini pill, or using something like depo provera (the shot) you may not get your period for a long time.
If you were my patient, I would start you on a regular pill, (or continue with the regular pill) and see what happens at the end of your pack.  If you still don't have a period at the end of your second pack, I would do a complete exam and ultrasound to make sure there are no problems related to the surgery--such as scarring of the lining of the uterus, or stenosis (closure of the opening) of your cervix.
I hope this helps!
Good luck!  and congratulations on your new baby!
Dr B
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