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No period after taking estrogen and progesterone

My periods have always been normal... body is like clockwork.  I had a miscarriage earlier this year and had a D&C.  4 weeks after the D&C I started my period.  However there was alot of deep placental tissue left and I had a hysteroscopy to get that removed.  After the hysteroscopy the doc put me on estrogen for 4 weeks and progesterone for 7 days.  EXCEPT, my period started before I could finish the estrogen (I was on week 3 of estrogen).  So according to the doc my body's natural hormones took over (as my period came on it's normal timing).  So I stopped the estrogen and but he told me to still do the progesterone for 7 days (even though my period came already).

So this month my period is now 5 days late and I am really starting to worry as it's never been late before.  I just took a home pregnancy test today and it is a big fat negative.  I even had PMS cramps for the past week but no period.

Did taking estrogen and progesterone somehow screw up my body??  

I was thinking if I don't get my period next month I will follow up with the doc.
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Yes, the hormones have probably thrown your cycle off. If you were my patient, I would take a "wait and see" approach at this point.  It sounds like your body does fine if its left alone, and I would expect that your normal cycle will resume after your next period.  Its difficult to say when to expect the next period though.  If you were my patient, I would probably have you re-test for pregnancy once or twice a week until you do have your period.  If you had not had a period within 4-5 weeks, I would get an ultrasound of the uterus.
Two things that I have RARELY seen after a d&c include Asherman's syndrome, or scarring of the lining of the uterus so that no period forms, OR cervical stenosis which is scarring closed of the cervix so that the period blood cannot drain properly.  Both things are quite unlikely, and won't need to be checked into unless you don't get your period within the 4-5 week time frame.
I hope this helps!
Dr B
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