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No period in 1 year and 8 months

I posted last year about my maybe having PCOS.  Still may but insurance waiting lists suck.  I'm getting more freaked out as my husband and I are actually more trying to get pregnant now.  Here's my periods for the last few years:  # = period, 0 = no period

2007: January 0, February 0, March #, April 0, May #, June 0, July #, August 0, September #, October 0, November 0, December 0.

2008: January #, February 0, March 0, April #, May 0, June 0, July #, August 0, September #, October had a little spotting for maybe 2 days but no period, November spotting that lasted a few weeks...very very light pink, December spotting continued into December from November but only a little bit...not a period.

2009: January 0, February 0, March 0, April 0, May 0, June 0, July 0, August 0, September 0, October 0, November 0, December 0.

2010: January 0, February 0, March 0, April 0, May 0 so far

Without insurance it's hard to get the needed tests to sort this out.  Hoping to go to a 'sliding scale' clinic soon to figure out at least a little bit.  Just worried that a doctor would take one look at my periods or lack of them...and put me on birth control pills.  Sigh.  Any insights would be helpful.  I have classic PCOS symptoms...irregular/absent periods, slight facial hair(not a lot but enough to annoy me), acne(only on chin), skin tags(neck and armpits), weight(workout, eat mostly healthy yet doesn't help).  

I just got some Vitex Agnus Castus (Chaste berry) because it's supposed to help with PMS, periods, PCOS, etc but haven't started it yet as it takes a few months to really work and I don't know if I want to be taking a pill every day for a long time.  Plus I don't know if it'll work.  Some say it will induce periods, which is what I want, but some say it doesn't do anything except cramp you up.  

Anyways sorry to ramble, just need some opinions I guess.

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You definitely meet criteria for PCOS.  Many doctors do use oral contraceptives to regulate cycles. but not (I hope) if their patients are trying to conceive.

If you were my patient and had no insurance, the first thing I would do is give you progesterone for 5 days to see if you had a period afterwards.  If not, that tells me one thing, if so, another.

If you did have a period, I would probably start you on Femara =/- Metformin and see if you had a natural period after one cycle. Three blood tests would be very helpful--a TSH a prolactin level, and an FSH on cycle day 3.  Really, not much more is needed immediately.  If you did have a period, I would like to know what your progesterone level was on day 21 of the cycle.

This approach should not be tremendously costly, and might get you results.  

Its worth a try if you really want a baby!

Good luck!
Dr B
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