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Ovulation Issues

Hello, I'm newbie.
I'm 29 Yr old. Got pregnant (July 2012) after 2 months after going off BC. Lost the baby somewhere between 9-11 weeks and had a D&C at September 25, 2012 after a missed miscarriage. TTC ever since, I used to have cycles of 29-31 days.
Since the D&C had irregular cycles of 36-42 days (even one of 72 days).
The last two cycles my Progesterone level was very low, probably I didn't ovulate at all.
During pregnancy progesterone level was 18, which now i think to be pretty low also (maybe it was a sign?).

This cycle, On D18 had Ultrasound showing multiple follicles not more than 11mm (the ObGyn said PCOS) but I was never "formally" diagnosed with PCOS, looking it online sounds like I do have PCOS with less symptoms, Is that possible?
Going to see fertility specialist next week.... Really want to have a baby.
What is out there to boost my ovulation, what is recommended, maybe less side affects?
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that you have several criteria suggesting PCOS--the most obvious one is irregular periods.
I would consider starting Metformin, and would very likely prescribe either Clomid or Femara to attempt to help you ovulate more regularly and increase you chances for pregnancy.
Clomid and Femara are both oral medications, neither one is terribly expensive and neither causes intolerable side effects.
Glad you are going to see a RE.
Good luck!
Dr B
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