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Ovulation after Lupron

I recently had a course of 6 months on Lupron to shrink very large Fibroids (3mth inj Feb, 1mth May, 1mth June 1mth July). Once "shrunk", they were then removed via abdominal myomectomy. These were subserosal, and still VERY large (My dr likened them to "horse balls" LOL).
My surgery date was Aug 5th, I would have been due for another 1 month injection at this date, which I did not get.
My Dr. said to wait at least 3 months before trying to conceive which is has been. I also had to wait for a period, which I had October 14th. WOW it was so much "nicer" then pre-fibroid!-NORMAL! :)
Anyway, last year I tried conceiving for a year, and was 100% perfect on my calendar, LH surge was typically day 15 - 99% of the time. Well, today is day 15, and so far no surge, and it occured to me that it may be possible that it may not return so quickly?

So, I'm curious if ovultion will return to normal already? During Lupron I did spot, and had moodiness etc at times where I was due in a "normal" cycle.  
I am doing at home AI's to try to conceive. My Dr's thought was the size of he fibroid was blocking everything needed previously.

Thank you!

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If your cycles pre-surgery were "perfect" they will probably return after a bit.
You have been through a lot and it may take awhile for things to sort themselves out!
I have often seen women conceive during the waiting time when they are not "trying" and don't even realize they are ovulating.
I hope good things happen for you and soon!
Good luck!
Dr B
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