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PCOS and options on getting pregnant

My DH and I have been passively trying to get pregnant for about 7 years. (not using any birth control, but haven't moved past letting nature take its course) I have nearly constant bleeding. I am wondering what my options are for trying to get pregnant. My doctor has mentioned clomid in the past, but that was before the constant bleeding. Do you think that would still be an option? How will that work with the constant bleeding? What else is there short of IVF? If I could squeeze in one more question, as far as treatment for the constant bleeding these options were presented - the pill, IUD, ablation, historectomy...any other ideas that are not birth control or permanent? (I already tried the depo provera several years back and it made matters worse.) Any help would be appreciated.
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Are you seeing an infertility specialist? This would be helpful. The steps I would recommend are:
1) A saline ultrasound and an endometrial biopsy to look for causes for the constant bleeding
2) After seven years of trying, a full infertility investigation which includes blood tests to see if you are ovulating, an XRay of the uterus and tubes to see if the tubes are open, and a sperm count.
3) Treating the cause of the infertility. If the cause is that you are not releasing eggs, then clomid will help. If the cause is blocked tubes, then clomid will not help. Similarly, if there is a sperm problem, clomid will not help.

With all the irregular bleeding I suspect that lack of ovulation is the problem and clomid may be the way to go, but you need answers to all of these questions first since it takes eggs, sperm, and healthy anatomy to get pregnant.

I would recommend seeing an infertility specialist to discuss these issues.
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