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Please help! I need advice. :)

Hiya, I have been to see my gyni after not having a period for 4 months. He took a biopsy of my womb which came back as having polyps and fibroids.
Also I had blood tests which showed I have very high levels of prolactin.
Does this stop me having babies? And can anyone tell me what this means? I had a locum doctor when I went for my results, he was very vague and didn't say much!! He seemed annoyed that I was pressing him for details, and still didn't say much!! I think he was more interested in his lunch break coming up!! Howww ruuuuuude!!!!!!
Please help. I can't find much about this online.
Thank you. :)
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If you were my patient, I would refer you to an endocrinologist.  Prolactin is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland that is associated with milk production.  I can stop your periods and cause infertility.  I would send you for an MRI of your pituitary gland to be certain that there is not a tumor.  (Usually there isn't)  Then I would consider starting you on dostinex to lower your pituitary level and re-start your periods.
One other thing to do first of all, is to repeat the Prolactin level--you should be certain to do it first thing in the morning after an overnight fast.
That will assure that it accurate.
Hope this is more helpful than your locum MD!
Good luck!
Dr B
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Thank you so much!! I'll get onto my gp tomorrow. Great advice, and care. I'm glad there are some great people like you out there in the world. Thanks again
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