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Positive HPT or left over HCG trigger at 14 days post trigger???
I am 28 years old with PCOS and Endo, husband is 28 with some male infertility. I am 7dp5dt today and for the heck of it I thought I would POAS this morning knowing that it would probably be negative and too soon, but to my surprise there was a faint line!! So my first thought is that maybe it is just lingering HCG trigger, but today it has been 14 days since trigger and it looks like for most people it is out of their system.
I work in a lab so when I got here this morning I drew my blood and a serum blood screen came up positive and also my HCG quant was 18.87. For our lab a quant of 25 is needed to be considered positive.

So any thoughts because now the day can not go by fast enough for me to test again tomorrow to see if my levels are going up and I'm pregnant or if they are still on their way down and its just the trigger shot.


This is IVF #3 and last for me before we begin our adoption journey
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that this is NOT the trigger.
I think you can be cautiously optimistic and if you were my patient I would repeat the test in 48 hours.  There is no harm in repeating a urine test in 24 hours.  Be very cautious, I have seen transient elevations in the hcg level
with "chemical pregnancies".  BUT there is also a very good chance that your levels are going to continue in the right direction and I certain hope and pray so!!!
Also, I hope you will not forget about your adoption journey no matter what the outcome.
Best wishes!
Dr B
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