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Question about number of follicles.

Hello. I am doing my 3rd IVF now. (2 IVF with no succes) I am on Repronex, Follistim and Cetrotide. Yesterday I had U/S and doctor said she expects only 5-6 follicles to mature. I was crushed, because I was hoping for more. I am 30 years old and last 2 IVFs I had 6-8 follicles retrieved and most of them were fertilized. My doctor was pleased with the quality of them. Is this normal for 30 year old?

I also had Day 3 FSH done few month ago and came back 9.2. I just had one more FSH done and this came back 2. Is this normal for FSH to change from month to month.  
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Dear Shishka-

FSH levels fluctuate, so that is normal.

The average number of eggs retrieved in a 30 year old undergoing IVF is probably 12-13, but quality, not quantity, is what counts. Most of the time it is better to be 30 years old with 6-8 eggs than it is to be 38 years old with 15 eggs, so try not to be too crushed. It only takes one good egg! At age 30, even with fewer than average eggs and two prior IVF cycles, your chances remain very good.

Good luck.
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