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Really Worried

Dear Doctor,

Pretty simple situation.  Had a one night stand with a girl.  We used a condom but it broke and we didn't notice until after we finished.  She is not on an alternate type of birth control.  She was not sure where she was in her cycle but she was not on her period and she said that it had been over for a while before we had sex.  She guessed at least 10-14 days at a minimum.  Within 6-8 hours after sex she took an emergency contraceptive (Next Choice One Dose).  Everything that I have read seems to suggest that that the odds of getting pregnant from a one-time sexual encounter without protection are very low even without emergency contraceptive.  When combined with usage of the emergency contraceptive (most of what I have read says 95% effective if taken within 12 hours), am I worried over nothing?  I am really terrified here re pregnancy (STDs too, but that's a different issue).  It would really help me sleep if you could put my mind at ease here.  Thank you so very much for all the work that you do on this site.
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If you and your partner were my patients, I would reassure you that the odds are in your favor that no pregnancy will occur.  If she already ovulated before the encounter, no worries, if she hadn't ovulated yet, the emergency contraceptive should delay ovulation and prevent conception.
I would encourage her to follow the recommendations carefully--eg. when to test for pregnancy if she doesn't have  her normal period, etc.
I would also encourage both of you to be tested for STIs.
I congratulate you on being informed on how to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.
Dr B
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