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Too early to tell ?

Is 9dp3dt too early to get a bfp on a hpt? I feel like my period is coming I'm crampy on and off I feel like I'm going to be sick ( which is normal for my af symptoms)
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Sorry ;)
Dr B
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I'm on day 7. Yesterday I felt very crampy & felt,like I was coming on my period. Today I am fine. I can't test until 12th feb. Getting very impatient but you do have to wait and only test on the day when they told you too. How are you doing now cantstopresearching?
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With my 2nd Ivf Treatment,its bin slightly dramatic as iv bin crampy and today it got a little more severe but without bleeding. This is my 11dp3dt and my urine test ds morning showed negative.
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I did IVF in late Sept 2013 -- I tested at 11dp3dt -- first pee of the morning.  The whole week I was peeing constantly and had a lot of clear watery discharge.  I also wanted red meat all day long.  My POAS came back positive and my 2ww blood work (14dp3dt) came back positive at 325.

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