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What do you think are my chances of successful IVF?

Hi there
I am 30 years of age with a 17 year history of anorexia nervosa. I got my first period at 13, after which time anorexia took over my life and I never regained my periods.  I have been fairly healthy for the past 1.5years, and I have always wanted to have a child, and i’m now preparing to undergo IVF. My AMH was 13.2, and my Antral follicle count was 6 follicles each ovary (12). I am still a little bit underweight, but I have been taking the pill at my doctors advice and I get a withdrawal bleed when I’m on the inactive pills, so it seems my machinery is in working order. I don’t smoke (used to for a short while several years ago), I’ve never drank before, I eat a very healthy diet and there is no junk food in it. I am worried however, that the years of anorexia may have affected the quality of my eggs – even though my doctor has said she thinks that they probably haven’t been affected too much and that my age – 30 – is a really good indicator that they still should be of good quality.
What do you think are my chances of IVF (would you recommend ICSI aswell?) being successful? Realistically, do I have a good chance of it working, considering my history, age, AMH/AFC, etc? I have no other health issues whatsoever.
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that I also would not be concerned about damage done to your eggs.  I would be concerned about your values however as they are not super great as far as predicting success with responding to the IVF medications.  Your age is excellent and you have every reason to believe that if you can make it to transfer, you should be able to have a healthy pregnancy.  Your doctors are the ones to best decide about ICSI--it depends upon lots of factors.
Hope this helps!
Dr B
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