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What is Polypoid?

Hello Dr. Brown
Last week i had a hysteroscopy. RE said that uterine cavity is normal, nothing is growing inside. She also said i had a polypoid which she cleaned it and sent for biopsy. When i asked her about polypoid she said its not a polyp and my uterus is normal, no fibroids ,no septum ,no scar tissue. I did every test except laproscopy. All my tests are normal. She said the reason i am not pregnant is may the fimbrae is not picking the egg and sweeping it inside.
I never had painful period, irregular period or  abnormal spotting or bleeding.

What is a Polypoid?
Is Polypoid the reason i am not pregnant?
Could i a be having a Chemical pregnancy without even knowing?
Is there any test to check the Fimbraes or  inside the fallopian tubes?
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I think your doctor must have found a polyp, because polypoid is only a discriptive term.
Polyps are usually benign, and can prevent pregnancies from implanting.  Removing a polyp could certainly be helpful.  Possibly you didn't have an actual polyp, but some polypoid tissue which looked as though it might become a polyp.  I can only speculate here.  The standard test for the fallopian tubes is an HSG (hysterosalpingogram).  It could test to see if the tubes are open or blocked.  It would definitely be worth doing if you have not already had it done.
Hope this helps!
Good luck!
Dr B
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