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Worried about Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

Hi lovely ladies!!

I'm trying for my third child.  I gave birth to a son, Dec 05 at age 33.  He was conceived during my 1st ever natural IUI, no meds.  I then had a daughter July 08.  I had 2 failed natural IUI's before that & it was found I was ovulating too quickly at day 9, so my RE used meds to create a controlled cycle.  1st IUI using puregon & buserelin, I conceived & was overjoyed.  I created around 3 mature follies, plus smaller ones. There was a risk of multiples, but a singleton eventuated.  Now, I'm wanting my last child. My 1st cycle using puregon, in June, was cancelled, as I grew about 8 mature follies & smaller  ones.  My clinic is conservative, as I have 2 children, & only want 1 more.  So, my puregon dose was decreased to 50iu.  My second cycle got to IUI, but I'm sure I ovulated before I took the trigger, with 2 follies, it failed.  My second IUI failed with 3 large follies, this time I'm sure I ovulated a day after IUI.  My FSH is 10, with AMH .71, I'm 37.  I've started my first IVF cycle, and should be ready for egg retrieval around January 18, all going well.  My Re has increased my puregon dose up to 225iu each day, and I'm a bit worried about this, as I over-stimulated on 75iu before.  I wonder, has anyone ever suffered from ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome?  I know the serious type is incredibly rare, but am still a bit worried though.  I've read that drinking 3lt of water can help to avoid it.  I'm thinking my RE is using quite a lot of FSH, but he said I have follicle dysfunction, so my follies are acting a bit erratically, and with my high FSH, that dose should be right.  

Good Luck everyone still trying for babies!!!  And Merry Christmas!!
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I'm glad to hear that you went to IVF.  It would be a shame to waste any more lovely follicles as in June.  
I imagine that your RE must be watching your levels periodically and ultrasounding you periodically as well to (hopefully) avoid hyperstimulation.
One of the earliest signs of hyperstimulation is unquenchable thirst and rapid weight gain from fluid retention.  If your abdomen suddenly swells dramatically, or you find you are rapidly gaining weight, or can't get enough fluid, etc. you should let your RE know immediately.  There are ways of controlling hyperstimulation if is does occur, and sometimes using the "COAST" you can even continue the cycle to retrieval.
I wish you all the best.  Whatever happens, don't forget the two angels you have already been blessed with!

Dr B
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