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can I be pregnant?

Hello! Am new here, but I saw ur reply partaining to a tube demonsrated with perifimbrial contrast loculations. I just got my result from the HSG I did and it was stated that my right tube is demonsrated as above but my left tube is not demonsrated, now my question is can I be pregnant with my right tube with me doing IUI? Thanks.
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If you were my patient, I would want to clarify your question--can you be pregnant?  That is easy to determine with a test.  Can you become pregnant is what I think you are asking, and possibly would be my answer.
The fact that your left tube is not demonstrated suggests that it may be blocked.  It is also possible that it spasmed when the contrast was injected.
The loculations in the perifimbrial region suggest that there may be some scar tissue in or around the right tube.  If the contrast spilled into the pelvis (wasn't sure from your post if this was the case) then your tube is patent (open) and you can possibly conceive through that tube.  If you DO become pregnant, I would test ASAP for a tubal pregnancy, as these are more likely when the tubes are scarred.
If there is any way you can swing it, your best bet might be IVF--which bypasses the tubes completely.  Do it while you are young!
Good luck!
Dr B
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