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donor eggs vs own eggs?

It's me again. Thank you for your reply but I still want to know whats the difference between the same quality eggs from someone younger vs older? Is there something that the naked eye can't see? Please help me understand.... Also what do you know about DHEA and IVF? I took it on my first IVF. Is there any benefit in using it when doing IVF with donor eggs? Thank you for your patience. Debra
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Hi again :)

Age is the difference. To try to give you another example, think of an organ other than the ovary.

The heart of a 20 year old, for example, will be healthier than the heart of a 70 year old. A better example might be the eyes. Most people have much better eyesight in their 20s than in their 40s. Ears also work better in a person's 20s than by the time they are 45. The skin of a 25 year old will look very different and have a much younger, firmer, structure, than the skin of a 45 year old. By the same token, 45 year old ovaries do not function like 20 year old ovaries. When women are born, they have probably two million eggs in their ovaries. By the time women start having periods in the early teens, there are only 300,000-400,000 eggs left - from birth onwards the poorest quality eggs undergo a process called atresia where they die off. The best quality eggs are the eggs that ovaries release earlier in reproductive years since these eggs are most responsive to signals from the brain to ovulate. By the time someone reaches their mid-40s, there are probably less than 100,000 eggs left, and those that are left are the poorest quality onces that did not respond to signals from the brain to be released in the younger years. Forty-five year old eggs just cannot do the job.

Another example, not involving we humans, is a car. A 1995 car worked great in 1995; by 2007 it will just not funtion as well any more.

So, to answer your question 'whats the difference between the same quality eggs from someone younger vs older', the answer is the eggs of a forty-five year old are not the same quality as the eggs of a 25 or 30 year old, just as the eyes, ears, heart, skin of an older person are not the same quality as the eyes, ears, heart, skin of a younger person.

As for DHEA, I have not seen a well done study showing any benefit at all to DHEA with IVF. I would recommend against using DHEA.

By the way, I hope I am not sounding to harsh on the age issue; I am 48 myself and while I too feel as good or better than I did twenty years ago, the facts are the facts...
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You can only ask 2 questions a day on this doctor moderated forum so make sure to ask additional questions in the same post.
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Sorry. He answered my ? but not in the detail I was wanting. So I asked again for more in depth info along with another ?. New to this forum, still learning.
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Your question to the doctor reminded me of something I wanted to ask you.  Were you put on progesterone at any point (either when trying to conceive on your own or during the IVF process)?  If so, what form was it (i.e., was it shots, suppositories, pills)?  Do you remember when in the process you took it?  Hope you're having a good 4th!  
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On the day of retrieval they checked progesterone levels then again on day of transfer. Started progesterone shots (IM) once a day the day after retrieval. They said levels were perfect to support a pregnancy. Debra
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I forgot to tell you, I spoke to my RE office today. They have the complete profile on our donor for me to review and should be getting a picture in the next few days. They tell me she is getting married soon and this will be her last donation. She must feel good giving such a wonderful gift to those of us who need help. I am thankful for her giving heart. You know, I still have times when I'm just mad about the whole thing. I work with a girl who has 3 kids by 3 different men and now is expecting a 4th by some one she is again not married to. She wasn't even trying to concieve. Didn't want another child. Then you have people like us. Wanting a child so badly and trying everything possible. Why not us???Just makes me want to SCREAM!!! Anyway, I know this is the right choice for us and this is going to bring our dreams to life. Hope you had a great day:) Debra
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