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in answer to your advice !!! help

I m same girl who asked ques about irregular periods problem and had shown you my blood test results. You said that it can be problem of PCOS. but doctor i also had my ultrasound done which said as follows:
Urinary bladder is distended. No calculus is seen in its lumen. Uteres is anteverted and measures 8.45x 4.35x3.94 cm in size. No definite mass is seen in its relation. The central cavity is normally placed and its maximum thickness is 14.2 mm. Both ovaries are defined. The volume of right ovary is 7.4c.c & left ovary is 6.7c.c. No dominant follicle is seen in either of them at time of examination. No adnexal mass is seen. No free fluid is seen in pelvis.

Please now can you tell me what is the root problem. Doctor one thing i want to say that you are doing a wonderful work by helping the needy ones. God will surely bless u with all hapiness.
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If you were my patient, I would be a happy doctor!
Your ultrasound result looks very good.  One thing about PCOS is that you don't need to have cysts on your ovaries to meet criteria for the disorder (isn't that silly!).  There are good medications to treat the disorder (which is very common by the way) depending upon your wishes.  If you want a baby, something like Clomid or Clomid plus Metformin would help you do that more quickly.  If you don't' want a baby, oral contraceptives can maintain the health of your uterus and ovaries.  The real problem is probably either a result of insulin resistance or possibly abnormal secretion of GnRh from the hypothalamus.  I can't remember if I suggested a 17 hydroxyprogesterone level and DHEAS to rule out adrenal problems, but that would also be helpful.
I hope some of this information is helpful to you!
Good luck!
Dr B
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