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polycystic ovaries

I am 32 year old have Poly cystic ovaries and  high AMH i did ultrasound this month and my follicle size is 10 mm .

My doctor told me to take ovulation induction injections and do IUI ?

my husbands sperm count is very good what are my chances of getting pregnant if i take ovulation induction injections with IUI?

my periods are irregular and only come if i take progesterone
and my doctor gave me me prate 10 mg and still i am 15 days late...

Also if my egg size is 10 mm without injections will my egg size increase with ovulation injections?

please let me know as i am very stressed and desperately want a child...
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If you were my patient, I would suggest that same thing--ovlulation induction plus or minus IUI.  If your periods are irregular, it will take you much longer to conceive that if they are consistent.  It may be possible for you to conceive without IUI, but the IUI does increase your chances.  With ovulation induction, we hope to see a follicle size of about 2 cm.
Hope this helps!
Dr B
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