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pregnancy symptoms after transfer

I am 9 days post-transfer via a donor cycle with a 5 day embryo transfer.  Only one embryo was transferred and I don't think I feel any real pregnancy symptoms.  Should I already be feeling any of these?  The only ones I really have are sore breasts and some fatigue.
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Too early for pregnancy symptoms. As I am returning your question on August 28, the question is, what was your beta-HCG?
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The ONLY symptoms I had were ... sore breasts, a bit of fatigue (not an unusual amount though), and off-and-on cramps as if my period were coming. The cramping wouldn't last long, and it wasn't bad enough to take a tylenol. It made me worry more than it hurt, if you know what I mean. The 2 week wait is hell. But, I did my first IVF cycle this month with ET on 8/7. On 8/17 I got a positive blood test! I went back 4 days later and my levels had more than quadrupled, which is what they wanted. My ultrasound is 9/7 ... we transfered 2 embryos, so we might have twins. I know it is SO HARD, but just try not to stress!! Focus only on being pregnant, not the "what-ifs." I kept saying ... thank you God, I am pregnant. Thank you for giving me what I wanted for so long. Thank you for letting this work this time!!! Reading (actually listening to CD) of the book "The Secret" really helped me!

Keep me posted & take care.
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This is my second IVF. The first time I had two 8 cell embryos transferred on Day 3, with a lot of fragmentation (it didn't work). This time I had a 10 cell and 6 cell (Grade B and B-) transferred on Day 3. I was a little upset that it was a 3 day transfer, I feel day 5 transfers has better results. My transfer was on 8/18, and I freaked out 2 nights ago, because I can't wait til 8/22 for my PT. But I read "THE SECRET" and it brought me back to reality, and I felt much better. But, today I feel alot of cramping like I'm getting my period. I keep going to check, because it feels like it's coming. Did anyone feel a hard stomach right below the belly button?. Cause I was and I'm not anymore, and I feel I lost them. My breast are swollen but that's a  side effect from meds (I think). I'm just so scared of the day I get my PT test and the Dr. calls. I want him to say Congrats SOOOOO BAD. What if he doesn't.
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Yeah, a close friend made me a visualization board from the book although I haven't read it yet.  I should've been more clear that my test is tomorrow; however, I cheated (i can't believe I did this) and took a digital hpt and it was pos; however, want to stay realistic.  I hope it works out for all of us.  I want to post when I have the "official" results especially for all of us who've been on this road for a while. Keep up the hope kangela! and ajc I hope that u/s turns out to be twins!  I think twins are really cool.
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A positive HPT close to the time of your blood test is a good sign.

I did get a "tightness" in my very lower abdomen about 2 days before my blood test. Other than that I was bloated and that has not changed. Can't suck in my belly fat to save my life. I meant to get rid of that before I got pregnant ... Oops!! :)

Try not to worry guys ... You bring about what you think about. I truly believe that ... not only in this situation, but all situations. If you worry ... you will get what you are worrying about. Just know that you are pregnant. It can't hurt you to believe.

I didn't have a neg. test, so I can't answer what you will do if you don't get the results you want. I imagine that you will cry and feel angry, which are normal responses. I will be here for you if you need to talk. If you want my e-mail address, just let me know. You will be okay, regardless!!!
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I'm officially knocked up!  That's not a nice way to put it, but there it is.  You were right - the hpt was reliable in my case since I didn't get the HCG shot (donor cycle).  Thanks for your words, ajc, ya kept me believin'.  Now to navigate across another minefield.......
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