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ttc after mmc

hi i lost a baby last may but i had complications i had to have two d and c's due to left over products and even after that i still had products remaining my hcg levels didn't go down until 4 months after the mmc was found and i also gave birth to the remaining products in the august at that time my scan showed i had an anteverted uterus genereally enlarged and the cavity distended with little pelvic free fluid. could this be the cause why now in march the next year im still not pregnant i have not had another scan since then but i have booked in with my doctor to see if she will help
was wondering if i could get some info before i see here
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If you were my patient, I would be concerned about scarring of the uterus which could potentially have been caused by multiple d&c's and possible infection.  I would strongly consider doing one of the following studies:
a hysterosalpingogram, a saline ultrasound, or an office hysteroscopy to check for problems with the uterine lining (a condition called Asherman's).
I would also review all of the other potential problem areas such as ovulation, cervical mucus, semen analysis, too.
Good luck!
Dr B
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