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understanding fertomid

I am currently taking fertomid starting the 5th day of my cycle, and have taken it for 5 months now. I am now 7 days overdue for my period and I've just taken a pregnancy test that has shown negative. So, what does it mean to not get my period and not be pregnant?  Is it that fertomid is no longer working for me?

Background: my gyney started me on fertomid as I was not ovulating due to Pcos.  Ramie this year I had a fibroid and 2 ovarian cysts removed, but was told that I should be able to fall pregnant naturally with the help of fertomid to stimulate ovulation.
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If you were my patient, i would advise you that having no period and a negative pregnancy test is probably an indication that you didn't ovulate this cycle.  That can happen from time to time and doesn't necessarily mean that the medication wont work next cycle.  I would also probably consider moving on after 6 cycles though--at this point I would be discussing IVF.
Good luck!
Dr B
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i just started fertomid unperscribed is it healthy
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i just started fertomid unperscribed is it healthy
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