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what Is the true percentage rate for IUI

Hello all, I am on cycle day 16 and just had my first IUI this morning with a frozen specimen. I was told the percentage is only 6%. How Is that possible when only 20% of women conceive?
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I'm not totally sure what you are asking, but I hope this will help!
There are many factors that determine success with IUI.  For a woman who is less than 30, and a male partner with normal fertility, the natural pregnancy rate per cycle is about 20-25%.  So, when all the conditions are optimal, the pregnancy rate should approach 100% by the end of the 5th cycle.  If you are a normally fertile woman who is less than 30 and the donor is a normally fertile male, IUI should boost your success rate toward or above the higher end of the curve.  So 25% or so chance of pregnancy per cycle.
If there are other fertility issues, (especially female age) the pregnancy rate per cycle is going to be less. Female age is one of the most important factors in the equation
You also have to factor in that about 60-70% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. (This includes "chemical pregnancies").  So, unfortunately, pregnancy does not necessarily equal baby.

If you are young and healthy, with a normal Body Mass Index and no bad habbits (like smoking) your chances are very good!

Good luck!
Dr B
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