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Femara+trigger shot+iui+late AF and BFN

Going through iui  is so hard...
First time they told me they missed my ovulation ( follicules were too big) but they still went on with iui trigger shot on day 12 and iui on day 14
This time they decided to give me trigger shot on day 10 and iui on day 12:
AF came: 01/18/2013
Femara: day 3 to 7
Echo done 01/27/2012 _ trigger shot ( 2 days before than last time to avoid missing ovulation)
15dpiui: Test BFN and no AF
16dpiui: no AF
17dpiui: Test in the morning BFN spotting ( dark vivid red..sorry tmi)..AF should be here soon

I'm constantly lighheaded...sore bb's...
I always get my AF on day 15..this time it's late..it is normal? did they miss again?
I usually ovulate without femara but the doc decided to give them to me to control more my cycle ( cycle of 27-28 days).
Is femara for me??
So many questions...I called my nurse since 15dpiui but havent heared from her. Should I skip this cycle and wait to talk to my doc?

Feels good venting let me know your suggestions...
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If you were my patient, I would be happy to help if for no other reason than alowing you to  vent.  Skipping a  cycle might not be a bad idea if you are getting frustrated.  Frequently the cycle AFTER the stimulated cycle can be as "fertile" as the stimulated cycle itself.
I have some questions about why they are doing what they are doing--for example, why the trigger shot if you ovulate spontaneously.  In our practice we often use the opks to time the IUIs.  Maybe you have already done this.
I also wonder why your follicle was too big if you didn't have any medications on that cycle--usually your body will know when to ovulate without any assistance.
I would be tempted to time the ultrasounds to the opks too, and not necessarily to your cycle day.  If there is a nice follicle of approx 2 cm size, and your opk is positive, that is when I would do IUI, and then confirm ovulation with either a post ovulation scan or a progesterone level on day 21.
(I'm sure you are already aware that the opks are positive 24-36 hours before ovulation).
I tend to be a minimalist, so maybe all the intervention is warranted.  I certainly do not know your history.  I sometimes believe that doing too much causes rather than cures infertility.
On the other hand--if you don't have a normal menstrual period soon, check the pregnancy test again in about a week.
Good luck!
Dr B
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My iui is with a donor...so it makes everything harder.
Af came today...I will call the doc on Monday and see if I start femara again. Maybe the third time is the one.
Thanks for sharing!
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Hi There. I hear you, it's so difficult. I went throught 3 IUI cycles.  i'm no expert so i can't tell you to skip this cycle or not, but if you're not sure i would follow whatever instructions your doctor had given you when you last saw him. also, do you have an intercourse after your trigger shot and up until you the incemination at the doc's office and there after?  you should probably try to have it as often as possible during those 4-5 days to increase your chaces of getting preggers.
good luck to you.
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Hi Elaine,

I have a normal cycle and I don't have a problem with ovulation.. and they never used opks to time the IUIs.

On the first try of iui with donor, they did it without femara and the trigger shot. But they informed me that they missed my ovulation and decided to put me on femara and on the trigger to avoid missing it again/ and having a better control of it.

On the second try of iui +donor+femara+trigger shot: they informed that I might ovulated before the trigger shot because they notice that the follicules were too big .

On the third my trigger shot was on day 10 + insemination day 12 instead of day 12 and 14.
My period came 3 days later but very light..not like usual...They havent called me back...but I will still skipping this cycle and left them a message that I want an appt with my doc...

I just feel that that the treatment that they are using isnt the right one for me....
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