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Recurrent Miscarriages & Progesterone


Just a quick question really, i've recently suffered my 6th miscarriage, and feel that i'm not really getting anywhere with finding the possible cause so that i can be treated!
I've had the full thrombophilia screen, me and my husband have also had our chromosomes done, and i've been tested to see what my hormone levels were like, but they've come back normal, but i've heard that low progesterone levels cause miscarriages, and i've contacted my doctor at the early pregnancy clinic to see if i've had them done and she sounded a little surprised that i've not already been tested, so i've now been asked to come in and have it done.

Do you think that this should have been done earlier, and could this be the possible cause of my miscarriages?

P.S. I'm only 24 and i already have 2 young children!
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I think this definitely should have been looked into earlier.  I am told that if your progesterone level is not where is should be, you will miscarry.  I just went through an IVF cycle and they start you on 200mg progesterone suppository 2xs daily before they even transfer the embryo's.  It seems each doctors (fertility) office has a minimum progesterone level they like to see before you get pregnant and they watch your level once a week to make sure it does not drop.  Thanks.
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Have you had a saline ultrasound or hysterosalpingogram done to make sure that your uterus is OK?

How many miscarriages have required D&C, or have been far enough along to be seen on ultrasound.

Regarding progesterone, there is no evidence that low progesterone causes miscarriages; more likely low progesterone levels during miscarriages reflect rather than cause an abnormal pregnancy. There is a condition called luteal phase defect (low progesterone) which has long been suspected to be associated with recurrent miscarriages. Treatment is progesterone medication. The problem is, there is no proof that luteal phase defect exists, or that adding progesterone helps.

At any rate, after six miscarriages, if all testing has come back normal, it probably cannot hurt to use progesterone, regardless of any blood progesterone level.

Good luck!
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I feel your loss with 6th miscarriage.  Did u have your children in between any of your miscarriages?

I recently had my 3rd miscarriage last week at 19 weeks and i'm only 23.
Any own experiences or advice of what you took at all to help your pregnancy along would be great.

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