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Strangely long menses

I've been bleeding/spotting for the past 11 days and it's just now starting to slow. It started at 8 DPO and was mostly brown spotting with no real flow... Then on the 13 DPO (my expected period) I had what seems like my typical period and am just now trailing off. I counted the flow on 14 DPO as cycle day 1 and now I'm at CD 6. I'm trying to figure out what this meant. Did I not ovulate the last cycle? What hormonal imbalance could have caused this? Help!

Background: 26 years old, never been pregnant, off birth control for over a year, trying to conceive with husband, on an SSRI (Lexapro) for depression, no family history of ob/gyn issues or infertility, only health issue is mild anemia (hgb usually 10-11 range), hardly ever experience PMS symptoms, cycles have been slightly irregular past 3 months but usually 26-27 days like clockwork. 22 days, 27 days, 23 days. I track my temps fairly regularly although it's difficult being a night shift RN, but cyclic temps usually show normal progression. HSG in 11/2013 was negative.
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Thanks a ton for your knowledge and suggestions!  I'm thinking it's probably the anovulation thing but I'll go ahead and test... If it had been a m/c, do you think a urine hcg would still be positive?

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If you were my patient, I would recommend that you start a work up for infertility, which it sounds like you have done already (hsg results). I would also advise you to do a pregnancy test.  Two things are possible -- the first is that you had a chemical pregnancy/miscarriage.  The other is that you didn't ovlate this cycle and are having some prolonged bleeding because of that.  Working night shifts can really disrupt you biorhythms and can affect your hormones.  One thing to consider if you are serious about having a baby, is to go to days for awhile!
Good luck!
Dr B
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