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when did i concieve ? who did i get pregnant by?

I had protected sex with my ex boyfriend april 30, 2013, my start of my last period was april 24, 2013.
Me and the father of my first child got back together mothers day weekend which i had unprotected sex with him may 11 and may 12.
My first ultrasound due date was feb 1, 2014.
My later ultrasound due date wa Jan 23, 2014
Nd my due date frm my LMP is Jan 28, 2014

When did i most likely concieve?
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Well my first ultrasound due date says my conception date was may 11, so which ultrasound is more accurate the first one at 6 weeks or the later one at 20 weeks which said i was due jan 23
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that the ultrasound due date is almost always the most accurate due date, so using that, your conception date calculates to be May 1, 2013 plus or minus 5-7 days depending upon how far along you were when you had your scan. I would have to guess that it was your ex boyfriend and not your baby daddy that is the new father.
BUT the dates are close and I would advise a DNA test in this circumstance.
Good luck!
Dr B
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