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Did anyon see Oprah Winfrey show on IVF & More

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone saw the Oprah Winfrey shows last nite? Well if you didn’t it was great it was on Infertility like( IVF) and (surrogacy).

She had two shows. On one show she had the actress Angela Bassett and her husband telling their story of battling with infertility for 7yrs. Now they have twins through surrogacy. WOW Also the actress Brooke did IVF for many yrs and got pregnant, and she said after the baby was born she wasn’t happy, but now she is and you can read the rest of the Brooke’s story if you go to oprah.com. There where also normal couples on the show that have taking out two or three loans just to pay for IVF as well taken out second mortgages on their homes. The shows were great, their where couples on the show telling how infertility puts stress on the marriage, which is total true.

Martha Stewart daughter is also doing ivf and she was giving great details of how the medicine works and she brought all of her medicine and needles to show you how to put everything together and what medicine does what. She pulled out the Follistim and injected herself on national tv showing everyone what she has to do to produced eggs.She also said that she pays $28.000 a month for each cycles and for the meds. She said that her mother helps her pay for the cycles each month. Lucky her.

The shows were awesome.

Now Jennifer Lopez and her husband are having twins after two yrs of doing ivf.

Also have anyone saw are seen the women, that is in her sixties and did ivf and deliver twins.I supposed she use donor eggs.Wow what a wonderful blessing from God!

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I didn't catch that show but now I wish I did :-(  It's something that JLo tried IVF for two years.  WOW!  I assumed she did IVF or some kind of assisted reproduction but I didn't know it was that long.  I was surprised when I heard Halle Berry say last week that she went through about 37 pregnancy tests before she got a BFP.  She also shared her reaction when she saw the line and ran across the room and she is no different than any of us on here (except she can afford as many IVF's as she'd like) but I believe she had hers naturally but not sure.  I think she did mention about how she wanted to try naturally.  

Thanks for sharing.  
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I watched it. There was also a segment about surrogates in India. An American couple were telling their stories that they couldn't get pregnant and didn't have money for a surrogate in the States which can cost up to 80 000$!!  Apparently in India, it's like only 12 000$. They take your eggs and your dh's sperm and implant it in this Indian woman. They had a success rate last year of 44 percent and they say it's very good! The Indian women do that surrogacy thing because they will be paid approx. 6000$ US and that's more money that they could ever dream of having and that provides them with a much better lives for her and her family.  So it's a win win situation.  The show was really interesting!
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Yeah, that really touch me when I saw abut the surrogates in India, it's like everyone is helpping each other.
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I know! And it's so great that there's options like this available to every one in every country. That couple yesterday had gotten pregnant with the surrogate over there, isn't it great! You can try for years without success and then comes along a lil' Indian woman that makes all your dreams come true.  :)
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I was wondering if  Halle Berry did use any infertility treatment? Martha's daughter said that a lot of famous woman us infertility treatment, and won't share their stories.
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Girl yes it is great. Yeah that couple are have twins. You can go to Oprah.com and read more updates of their story, I pray that this will be my last IVF with a BFP. This will be my third time for IVF
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i saw that. it was unbelievable. how it really does become like a job. and they say jennifer lopez is pregnant with twins. so i am guessign she got help too. and julia robert?
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Halle did a brief interview on one of those Access Hollywood shows and until then I automatically assumed she did IVF.  But I'm trying to remember exactly but she talked about her age being a hindrance and how she really wanted to try to do things naturally and was happy that things worked out.  It was kind of elusive but you're right, she could have done it and not shared.  I'm going to go to Oprah.com to see if I can catch up on the story.  But she definitely told how heartbreaking it was each time she got a BFN on a pregnancy test.
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Halle probably did ivf considering her age but who knows for sure. I saw the Oprah show on India and Martha's daughter. For one thing, you have to be able to afford to travel to India a couple of times + the fee for the process and Yes, Lucky daughter to have Martha Stewart help you out but if she hadn't had to go to jail a couple of years ago maybe her daughter would've tried having a child when she was younger which is what she said on the show (that that sidetracked her own life plans-shame on Martha).  We can't all be millionaires offspring , I guess we all have different struggles to work through in order to be able to go through the fertility processes. Some are more , some are less for others but it's great we can support each other on forums like this.  Best wishes for everyone to have a "worry free" day today.  Blessings!
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yeah I watched that too...it was very interesting and I thought about I guess they can do it since they have the money.  I know I have 2 more tries on my insurance before I have to do it on my own and I don't think I can. But it was great to know there are celebrities that go through the same thing.
The sisters from Dixie Chicks had their children through IVF.  It was in last months Conceive magazine.  It was a great story...it made me cry.  I think it helps to hear other stories and I agree with Alexis (martha's daughter) that more people need to talk about it.
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