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Headache 3days after Embroyo Transfer.

any one knows y iam having headache????.iam 6dpet today(6day post embroyo transfer), since 3dpet i started feeling bad headache,i have migrain problem but i never had headache for so long. today is fourth day & i still feel headache specialy when i sleep it gets worse.anyone knows whats going on???.& iam not taking any medicine becasue my ivf is natural IVF without medicine so its not even  that med side effect.
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I get migraines too and they are often related to my cycle-- and more specifically, the shifting hormones in the second half of my cycle.  It could easily be hormone related-- and I've definitely read that migraines can increase with pregnancy hormones. -- so maybe it's your first baby headache!  Call your Dr... I was told tylenol is safe so it may also be for you.  They specifically said no Advil though.

I just got confirmation that we're doing our 5-day frozen transfer on Monday!! Is your RE making you wait a full 2 weeks after the transfer before testing you?  I argued with the nurse today about that-- it seems I should only have to wait 10 days on a 5 day transfer without a trigger shot! (anything to make the 2ww shorter!).
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hi thank u so much for the advice.i realy hope this headache is related to pregnancy.i called my RE yesterday they ask me to take tynelol,but i want to avoide med---.i also had day 5 transfer,this is my 2nd IVF but 1st FET,i did first ivf in feb2009 but negative.when they did frash they did bloodwork in 12 days becasue of the medicine & hcg shot which we take ,but this time in frozen ivf iam doing Natural cycle without medicine so blood work is in 9days.to make 2ww shorter i wish i can tell u something but to kill time watch good funny movies as much as u can,chat here with girls .thats what iam doing.goodluck to u ,lots of baby dust & baby vibes.
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I have been having headaches too. Not so much today but the last few days (Sunday and Monday) My head has just been pounding. At first I thought it was because I was not drinking any caffeine so I drank a coke and took 2 tylenol. I know everything I have read says lower caffeine intake - not stop it completely , so I broke down and had one and within an hour felt a little better, but it did not go away. Hopefully it is all related to pregnancy and we are both going to get a BFP!!!!!!! Hope you get to feeling better soon, Sending Lot's of Super Sticky Bady Dust your way!!!!! I get BPT Tomorrow!!!!! Yeah
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u r my hope my dear tons & tons of baby dust & baby vibes.u know i thought too that it must be becasue of caffeine ,becasue i skip caffeine the day i got headache so i thought its all becasue of caffieine so i had tea,next day also i had tea,but i didnt took any medicine.hopefuly its a good sign for both of us.u r in my prayers.takecare & give me goodnews ASAP tomorrow.did u had any symptoms on ur 2ww????is this ur first uvf???takecare.cantwait to hear goodnews from u.
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I think the only symptons I have had have been from the progesteron injections. But i was sitting on the couch today talking on the phone and then I got really sick to my stomach. lasted about 30 minutes and then slept for 4 hours. I dont know if they are symptons or stress. Took my sister to ob gyn today, she is preg, told doc my situation and told her i took hpt and she said that it was way too early to tell so not to take that in to account. Have you been having any symptons?  I am so nervous, testing in 8 hours.... dont know if I will get a bit of sleep tonight. It is midnight and I am lying here in bed with my husband and searching franticlly for some sort of sign that it will be a posotive tomorrow..... Other thank headache what have you been experiencing?
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i dont have any symptoms no cramps,no boobs  hurting anything except headache.which is also gone.
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wating to hear goodnews from u.hope u already got ur BFP.
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It was a BFN..... Most devestating news i think i have ever had. This too shall pass i suppose. I am praying for you and hoping the best for you on Friday. It will be all good... Just a few more days until you get your BFP... Thinking of you and wishing you the best. Let me know.....
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iam so sorry about the nws ,i can feel what u must be going through.i been there in feb.takecare & dontloose hope keep ur faith & hope up,get ready & think positive for next step.goodluck.keep in touch.
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just want to let u know that i got my BFP today.& i want to tell u that dont give up.keep  hopes up.look at me i got my !st bfP after 6 yeras of trying.i wish u luck u get ur sucess in ur next try,thanks for ur prayers.
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Congratulations on your BFP. I can only imagine the joy you are feeling. I test in 5 days and I am so hoping for a BFP!!!
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good luck dear.lots of baby dust & baby vibes.
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